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The psychological warfare that happens internally when I come to pay my restaurant bill is killing me
  • Wow, what a great argument!

    Just don't eat out, with no customers around the money to pay these poor workers' salaries will certainly appear out of thin air.

    Don't blame the OP for doing what most of the civilized world outside of USA does, which is paying the exact amount on the receipt.

  • am I reading this right, that my cpu just died?
  • Maybe. Or maybe it's something else and it just looks like CPU error.

    Does this always fail the same way after reboot?
    If you can still boot, maybe you can try running memtest and see what happens.

    See the line starting with "IPID"? Try googling for these codes and see if any results sound familiar to your situation.

    Otherwise your only option is to try another CPU and see if error goes away.