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World's widest...
  • I can’t get the title to work.

    It says 6 lanes in each direction, but I only see four, and can get to five if I count on/off ramps.

    It says 8 feeder lanes, but 8 + 12 main lanes is only 20, not 26. Unless it means 8 per side, which would add up to 28.

    Regardless, the best I can do is the off ramp in the top left. It has three “main” lanes and two left turn lanes, for a total of five. If I count the ramp next to it in addition to the four core lanes on that side of the median, we get ten lanes flowing from top to bottom - still 3 short of 13, which we’d then have to match on the other side to get 26.

    I would call this 8 lanes; 4 in each direction. You can fudge the numbers by counting ramps, but even if you count parallel roads too, I don’t see anywhere close to 26.

  • Etsy to ban sale of most sex toys, explicit content, and more
  • I have no context for how expensive a bmw is. I assume it’s more than 20k? - how much more? 50k?

    I’m trying to save for a house downpayment but have also been thinking about a new car, and the Tiguan looks kinda nice, assuming it’s not one of those touch screen cars

    Edit: I am a fool, the tiguan is a VW.

  • how easy is it to install arch?
  • There is no such thing as easy or hard.

    Give it a try, fuck it up, and give it a try again. Try not to fuck it up in the same way as the first time. Repeat until it works - it will work eventually.

    It took me about 6 hours and 3 disk re-formats my first time. I was particularly bad at it. I barely knew what a disk was, nevermind a partition.

    Actually I’m still not sure what a partition is.

    You’ll do fine :)

  • EU charges Microsoft with 'abusive' bundling of Teams and Office, breaching antitrust rules
  • But MS teams is very secure! It’s sandboxed in a web browser :) It’s effectively a single-tab display of an entire ram-eating chromium process :)

    The only unfortunate side effect is that it can’t read your system default audio output, so it uses a cryptographically secure random number to decide which other audio output to use. That’s right - it very securely knows about all of your audio outputs, even though they aren’t the system default :)

    Did you just try to send someone a file? Don’t worry, I’ve put the file in sharepoint for you, and have sent them a link instead. Actually, wait - you had already sent that to someone else, so I sent file (1).docx instead. Actually wait - that was taken too. Now it’s file (2).docx.

    I would like to provide a friendly reminder that you will need to manage the file sharing permissions in sharepoint should anyone else join this 1-on-1 direct message chat :)

  • How to block applications from accessing the Internet
  • Use network namespaces :)

    A brand new network namespace doesn’t have any network interfaces. When you start a process in a namespace, all its child processes will start there too. It’s like a little network jail, and the functionality is baked into the kernel / is kernel enforced.

    I use this to keep certain processes on a vpn, with no need for interface-binding support from the process, or a vpn-killswitch.

    Another fun fact, this is the functionality that enables containerization, like docker/podman

  • What would happen if everyone in your country became rich? Would inflation equalize it or would everyone just diaspora to maintain their buying power
  • It really depends on the parameters of the thought experiment.

    If everyone suddenly received a lot of money, there would be a wild period of adjustment before we figure out the pricing system again and life continues as normal. Even though there’s a lot more money, there is not magically more TVs to buy. Nor would we all start building tv factories - there’s not magically more copper or concrete to buy either.

    If we all got more money and buried it in our yards and swore never to use it, then nothing has changed. For the sake of the thought experiment, someone would break the promise (I would - I want air conditioning), and then everyone else would break it too, and we end up in the previous situation.

    If everyone were suddenly truly wealthy - as in stuff / things - some might think we would chill out and coast for a while. But having satisfied our big needs ( I am not being hunted by tigers) and our medium needs (Air conditioning, yay!), I imagine humanity would just keep working - there are always more problems to solve / there is always more work to do.

  • Why we don't have 128-bit CPUs
  • I think it’s a D-tier article. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was half gpt. It could have been summarized in a single paragraph, but was clearly being drawn out to make screen real-estate for the ads.

  • Paradigm Shift - Liquid Tension Experiment Paradigm Shift

    Liquid Tension Experiment, Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Tony Levin, Jordan Rudess · Song · 1998

    Paradigm Shift

    Just scrolling by and happened to see some relatively obscure songs that go absolutely hard.

    Ya’ll like guitars?