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46 members of Congress have violated a conflicts-of-interest law
  • The standard fine for violating the STOCK Act is $200, but frequently the House Committee on Ethics and the Senate Select Committee on Ethics waive the fee.

    Craig Holman, a Capitol Hill lobbyist on ethics and campaign finance rules for nonprofit Public Citizen, said the fee is one of two reasons why the STOCK Act is frequently violated.

    “The penalty is so minimal that these millionaire members of Congress really don't care about it," Holman told Raw Story. “The second provision is the ethics committees are not really enforcing it or taking it seriously.”

    So basically this "law" is just a suggestion.

  • CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information
  • I've seen suggestions that the AI Overview is based on the top search results for the query, so the terrible answers may be more to do with Google Search just being bad than any issue with their AI. The AI Overview just makes things a bit worse by removing the context, so you can't see the glue on pizza suggestion was a joke on reddit or it was The Onion suggesting eating rocks.

  • The Google One VPN service is heading to the Google graveyard - The Verge
  • Maybe the news about the Windows client changing DNS settings was too much bad publicity?

    A VPN would naturally route all your traffic through a secure tunnel, but you've still got to do DNS lookups somewhere. A lot of VPN services also come with a DNS service, and Google is no different. The problem is that Google's VPN app changes the Windows DNS settings of all network adapters to always use Google's DNS, whether the VPN is on or off. Even if you change them, Google's program will change them back.

  • Google Just Revealed When Apple Will Officially Adopt RCS: Northern Hemisphere Fall 2024
  • Apple is apparently working on getting encryption added to the standard

    In a background briefing with reporters, Apple spokespeople touted the company's recent announcement that it will support the RCS messaging standard for iMessage sometime during 2024. In order to attend Apple's briefing and view a background document, we had to agree to paraphrase the company's remarks instead of quoting them directly.

    Apple clarified that it is not implementing RCS as it exists today because it doesn't believe the standard offers enough privacy and security. Apple said it is working with a standards body—this is likely a reference to the GSMA—to ensure that the version of RCS it eventually implements will support encryption and strong privacy and security.

    Apple said that once it adopts RCS, iPhone and non-iPhone users will be able to exchange messages with higher-resolution photos and videos, and will experience improved group texting. Apple said it hasn't brought its own message app to non-Apple devices because the user experience wouldn't meet the company's standards and that it cannot ensure that a third-party device's encryption and authentication are secure enough.

  • Scan your receipt to exit? Loblaw facing backlash as it tests receipt scanners at self-checkout
  • Customers who go through self-checkout must use the device to scan their receipt's barcode — confirming that they paid something — which opens a metal gate, letting them leave.

    How is that supposed to help at all in stopping theft? "Oh, you paid for something, you definitely aren't leaving with anything you didn't pay for." I can't see a way "organized crime" could possibly work around that. /s

  • Beginner needs help with setting NextCloud without a domain
  • This doesn't help with your current issue, but you should use Nextcloud All-In-One instead of setting up individual containers like in the tutorials you linked. It will create and manage all the containers that are needed.

    Domains are pretty cheap, so you may want to consider whether not using one is really worth the effort.

  • ‘Picard’ Season 2 Was Rewritten After Paramount Deemed It “Too Star Trek,” Says EP
  • If the network had a problem with the plans for season 2 being too dependent on older stuff it's odd that season 3 still managed to be so dependent on older stuff, considering the seasons were apparently filmed back-to-back. Did the network folks give their notes on season 2 and then stop paying attention?

  • Apple Terminated Epic’s Developer Account
  • Careful. There are quite a few terms of service that you’ve agreed to over the years that if certain aspects of them were enforced, you wouldn’t think they were very reasonable.

    Epic has an entire legal department to read over agreements like that, and yet they deliberately breached the terms. That's hugely different from someone unknowingly breaching a TOS that they didn't read.

  • Apple Terminated Epic’s Developer Account
  • Epic changed the mobile versions of Fortnite to add an option to pay for V-Bucks through their own system, which is against the terms of both Apple's app store and Google's. That got them kicked off of both app stores and then they sued Apple and Google.

  • Apple Terminated Epic’s Developer Account
  • This isn't some random developer, it's a developer that has already breached a contract with Apple. It's reasonable for Apple to be wary of entering into another contract with them when the CEO is publicly complaining about the terms.

    There's definitely a case to be made that Epic shouldn't need an Apple developer account to make their own app store, but Apple is well within its rights to deny them an account based on their history.