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Trump denies mocking soldiers, says only "a psycho" would have called them "losers" and "suckers"
  • The irony is that the right is accelerating the demise of democracy by promoting the very hatred and bigotry the media and powers that be (Russia/China) want. It’s all just distraction away from the continued separation of wealth. But Republicans can’t seem to understand this.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • Not sure where you are from, but your type of worldly reasoned view does not come without exposure to multiple systems of governance. Labels like “socialism”, “communism”, “capitalism” are the Newspeak that are used to place the populace opinion into buckets with which to control. And I completely agree about the US - its entire history is based upon capitalism and will always be based upon capitalism. Biden is the MOST progressive president in 50 years, yet it’s a stretch to even call him a centrist he’s so enmeshed with the existing corporatists.

  • 49% of independents, 15% of Republicans think Trump should end campaign: poll
  • Why do you think it will be "the big turning point of this election" when he's already encouraged the Jan 6 insurrection? He literally could murder someone in NYC like he said and nothing would change in polling. It's a ridiculous situation.

  • 1,000 Harvard Students Walk Out of Commencement to Support 13 Seniors Barred from Graduation over Gaza
  • lol how dense do you have to be to not realize Biden is the most progressive president in the last 50 years. Progressive enough? Of course not. But the most progressive in your lifetime. Good luck cutting your nose off to spite your face lol.

  • Let us know how you get from “politically motivated prosecution” to 12 jurors (some of which are Trump supporters) finding guilt. Convicted felons by jury trial should not be public servants and most state Constitutions clearly state that (Florida for example).