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  • This is propaganda

    • It feels great to own everything

    • This is what winning IRL looks like

    • A single person can and should own everything and it's too bad if you don't

    • Owning property is a zero sum game

    • Only one person can win when it comes to property ownership

    • Owning property is the only way to power

    It's propaganda because the system doesn't have to work like this. We're just told that we have to deal with it, but there's plenty of resources to go around for everyone to live a comfortable life. Life doesn't have to be a zero sum game.

  • Monopoly
  • Monopoly is literally capitalist propaganda. Parker Brothers basically stole the game from its creator and then offered $500 for the rights. They modified the game to be more focused on owning everything.

    Cautionary Tales has a great episode about Lizzie J. Magie and how she originally created the Landlord's Game.

  • Proton VPN TunnelVision support response.
  • I think the new thing is that VPN usage is fairly mainstream now. There are lots of services that advertise themselves as having the ability to hide all traffic. It's certainly news to me, as I hadn't even heard of a VPN in 2003. The researchers do say that this has been possible since 2002.

  • Proton VPN TunnelVision support response.
  • The exploit is possible because the local network may have a rogue DHCP server overwriting IP routes. If you're on a mobile network, they are the local network. TunnelVision means a mobile carrier can spy on your VPN traffic now. Unless you run Android.

  • Proton VPN TunnelVision support response.
  • It doesn't affect Android and Linux is the only OS with the possibility of a fix. I've seen people suppose that Android just always ignores option 121. My guess for Linux is that, because system level changes are allowed, you can modify the system to ignore option 121.

    I'm not a network engineer, so I do not know this for sure. Does anyone else know more about it?

  • Proton VPN TunnelVision support response.

    I contacted Proton VPN about the TunnelVision exploit and I got a response. I feel great about it, thank you Proton!

    >Hi, > > >Thank you for your patience. > > >Our engineers have conducted a thorough analysis of this threat, reconstructed it experimentally, and tested it on Proton VPN. Please note that the attack can only be carried out if the local network itself is compromised. > > >Regardless, we're working on a fix for our Linux application that will provide full protection against it, and it'll be released as soon as possible. > > >If there's anything else that I can help you with in the meantime, please feel free to let me know. > > >Have a nice day!

    [Official Art] It Takes Two Box Art
  • My partner and I really liked It Takes Two. We also liked A Way Out. Another thing we play are the "choices matter" type of games and we just switch off every chapter. The Quarry was excellent and Detroit: Become Human was fun too.

  • NASA’s Webb Hints at Possible Atmosphere Surrounding Rocky Exoplanet
  • It has an atmosphere like Venus has an atmosphere, except the surface temperature is more than 3x that of Venus. Still, it's fascinating that its atmosphere would be a secondary one that comes from the planet itself.

  • AccuRuleWeight [OC]

    I got this after I finished weighing everything. It's a sign from the gods! Or God! Or... something...

    Hold still, this will only take a second

    Created using Copilot. Prompt: superman using laser eyes to gently massage spider-man

    I dont know what HD is.

    I don't know what HD is, but my teacher said I have 80 of them.

    Is there a Bedtime Mode for Windows?

    I really like the Bedtime Mode that Android has as a part of Digital Wellbeing. At a specified time, it will turn the screen grayscale, dim the wallpaper, etc.

    Is there an equivalent setting or app for Windows? Bonus points if you know of a Linux equivalent too.

    I got arrested today for walking out of an art museum with a painting.

    I'm just so confused because earlier when I asked the security guard if I could take a picture, he said "yes."

    Dragon pottery I painted

    My girlfriend surprised me with a visit to a pottery painting place. I was nervous at first because I haven't painted since I was a kid, but I had a lot of fun. Now I have something cool to put on my desk!

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