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Should we have a Star Wars instance?
  • I'm not super tech savvy but it looks like Jedi.Academy will become available next month, if the current owner doesn't renew. or would be good second picks.

    Another meme one could be

    What I mean is, yes I'd love to see a Star wars specific instance.

  • The Great Indie Game Recommendation Farmers Market!
  • If you liked dicey dungeons, take a look at Slice and Dice. It's a dice rolling rogue-like where you fight your way through a 20-room dungeon, finding equipment and upgrading your heroes along the way. It also has the best feature of rlany rogue-like I've played, an undo button. You can get it on steam, but it's also on and you can get it for both mobile and PC for one purchase.

  • TikTok resurfaces video of Trump saying US shouldn't have a president with felony conviction
  • We have less qualifications to run for president than we do for working at McDonald's. Per the constitution you need to be born in the USA, be 35 by the day you are sworn in, and have lived in the USA for the last 14 years.

    But as others have said, the felony thing prevents weaponizing the justice system against political opponents.