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A compelling theory.
  • IIRC: Olympic couldn't be insured as it was involved in a collision with HMS Hawkeye; and was found at fault by the Royal Navy. There was also damage that couldn't really be repaired resulting in an permanent slight port list and it was a floating legal liability. Titanic was insured for double its worth after this and White Star was owned by noted scumbag JP Morgan. Olympic was also being repaired at the same shipyard Titanic was being built at, making a switch that much easier.

    My opinion: They swapped the boats in the yard to pass regulatory inspection for Olympic, then swapped back if there's any truth to this.

  • More confusion for recruiters
  • Can we add the comefrom function too?

  • Saw the title and this is was all I could think about
  • It excels at shooting chupa.... chupa thingies.

  • Seize it! Sip it! Rule it!
  • Why do you know what licking a robot tastes like?

  • Who would win?
  • Just like first contact. The cube gets one shot, but it only takes one Borg landing on the death star for the station to slowly fall.

  • If you've ever been attacked by a Canadian Goose, you understand
  • If I'm not mistaken, Canadian Goose is pronounced "veQ" in Klingon.

  • At least they both understand Klingon!
  • Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam.

  • Mozilla roll out first AI features in Firefox Nightly
  • Who else is gonna parse through the AI search results? Not me.

  • Anon makes fun of @ebassi
  • So they unironically want the macbook wheel?

  • Ctrl + Shift + A
  • I know, its so hard to press F1 and change the keys to be whatever you want; even copying adobe's keybindings. It takes a whole 15 minutes of setup, the horror.

  • posting instead of processing hard feelings rule
  • There's no woosh, I'm just being a smartass. The source is ReLIFE.