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Romney Says He’d ‘Have Immediately Pardoned’ Trump If He Were Biden
  • With these scumbags, “almost” is meaningless. I never gave Romney the benefit of any doubt because he’s ultimately as awful as any of the feral maga hogs—he wants the same inhuman things they do, he just wants more decorum about it

    This does not surprise me one iota

  • Students walk out during Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech at Duke
  • He was, back in the day, his anti-authoritarian bent was pretty edgy then

    Tangentially: I tried getting into him a few years ago and it seemed tame and nothing I hadn’t heard before from so many other comedians. Then I realized that he was the vanguard of that style of comedy and of course it’s going to sound like retrodden ground if I’d heard all the people he’d influenced before I listened to him.

  • “Apocalypse Proof”
  • There’s plenty of evidence that it isn’t “apocalypse-proof” in myriad other ways. I saw a post in which one got sideswiped by a Prius and it had to be towed away because the driver’s side mirror was damaged. I seriously wonder when the other shoe will drop and we find out the Boer is intentionally burning it all down.

  • Biden Says Trump Will Not Accept 2024 Result: ‘I Promise You He Won’t’
  • Biden wins, there *will* be a different Democratic nominee in 2028. And if you want it to be someone more in line with your thinking than Biden, well you know what you gotta do in 2028.

    I’d say it needs to be sooner than ‘28, more like as soon as the election is over

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