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"The Acolyte" bait and switch angered some, but many more kept watching. That's why it works
  • "bait and switch" I'm sorry but if you watched the trailer about a show whose plot is kicked off by someone murdering Jedi and thought the Jedi who the murderer fought in the trailer was going to live past the first episode, you're a bit daft.

    Also, she and the rest of the Jedi in the conspiracy that sparked this girl's vengeance are definitely going to be in flashbacks.

  • A what bath?
  • A common one. Looks like this is the sub panel for pretty much just your kitchen and the common bathroom. Maybe the kitchen is an addition? I wish I had this many circuits in my kitchen.

  • Job scarcity is even affecting animals
  • That's news to me. But it's probably been over a decade since I last looked into it. At one point they were even selling domesticated foxes to people as pets but were warning about their scenting. Thanks for the update!

  • Any Smart Home YouTubers at CES?

    Before the pandemic there were a few homeassistant/smart home YouTubers on the floor of CES every day putting videos out about the new devices they saw throughout the day. I haven't seen any of them doing that since the pandemic.

    Anyone know of one that is still doing that or the best place to get summaries of new devices from CES with a smart home focus?