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Seattle gave low-income residents $500 a month no strings attached. Employment rates nearly doubled.
  • So many people get held down by the system that they feel they can never do any better and settle with a shitty, meager living. Those people on welfare are not living 'easy' lives, far from it. If these people had a $500 payment every month it would lessen their financial burden and overall stress level where some of these people might have more mental capacity to think about doing something else with their life. When you live in constant fear of your finances and potentially losing the place you live, your mind tends to shift in another direction of "how can I survive" becuade of how absolutely exhausting that kind of life is. If I were in this situation, knowing I had an extra guaranteed $500 that I can rely on every month might actually ease some of my stress and chill me out enough where I feel like I can devote more time and energy to digging myself out of the hole rather than feeling nothing but despair and falling deeper in.

  • Microsoft is blocking Windows Customization Tools
  • I can see why they'd do it. Windows is a corporate product and MSFT wants everyone's experience to be tailored to exactly how they think is best. Gives some Apple vibes.

    I think at this point MSFT knows the average user is just gonna keep using Windows so they don't really care about tailoring to individuals. I expect to see a lot more of this.

  • Buyers Are Avoiding Teslas Because Elon Musk Has Become So Toxic
  • I'd say this is anecdotally false. I live in a rural area in the US and I just keep seeing more and more teslas popping up on the road. I wonder if they are showing up at more dealerships now where more consumers have the opportunity the make an uninformed purchase? Not sure.

    I feel like anyone who has done surface level research on a tesla would avoid then. I haven't even done that and I know just from seeing articles that I didn't even seek out that they are pretty shitty cars, even if you ignore Elon's existence.

  • What is your unpopular flim opinion
  • The Exorcist (original) is one of the most boring horror movies I've ever personally sat through and I have no earthly idea why it caused such a stir at the time. Whole movie is a snooze fest until the last bit, but I found it less scary and more humorous.

  • There's still room for improvement, but Linux gaming has come a long way in a short time.
  • I think most anti-cheat won't care a lot, especially with a lot of them actually supporting proton now. Off the top of my head tho I could guarantee that Valorant anti-cheat probably would not work or you would eventually get banned. Their shit runs like a rootkit basically

  • There's still room for improvement, but Linux gaming has come a long way in a short time.
  • Sorry for the late reply, I have tried running windows in a VM and it kinda worked. Big pain was forwarding peripherals, I ended up having to use a ghetto KVM switch setup to get it working at the time. Hardware passthru can work well, but was a huge pain to get working right. Once its working though you get pretty damn close to bare-metal performance. Haven't tried that in years tho cuz all my friends made fun of me for being so masochistic lol

    I'll have to try again soon. Honestly thinking of downsizing and seeing if I could possibility use my steam deck with a dock to play some desktop games that aren't too crazy.

  • Well that was great. Let's see what people on the internet think!
  • I have just learned to accept that if I enjoy the movie watching experience and feel it was worth my time, it doesn't really matter what others think. That doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the film in the slightest. I may be curious why people disagree though, at the very least.

    Movies don't always have to be a slam dunk or a masterpiece. I watched the detective pikachu movie on edibles and had no clue what any of the plot was but I loved every minute because the visuals were stellar and something I'd wanted to see as a kid. The Ryan Reynolds shit had me mega confused lol

    Even if I didn't like a movie, at least I have an experience to share (more applies to watching with someone else) and something to discuss and keep my mind occupied for a bit on something that is low-stakes at the end of the day.

    Even if I absolutely do not like a movie at all, at least all I'm out on is a little time and maybe money; and maybe I can bitch to a friend if they've seen it.

  • There's still room for improvement, but Linux gaming has come a long way in a short time.
  • For most games I'm sure you can find a way to do it. If you use protontricks you are able to run an exe under a proton prefix for a game (basically a virtual windows drive in a folder for the game) which I've had pretty decent luck with.

    If you play games that support mod organizer 2, there is a sh install script somewhere for support in proton/steam that works well (I can find if you like), but the program does run pretty slow and is fairly buggy. Usable with patience. Upside is it can run MO2 for a given game direct from steam if configured correctly

  • There's still room for improvement, but Linux gaming has come a long way in a short time.
  • In my experience, not great. I have a 1080ti and run 2k ultrawide. A bit dated but still a pretty powerful card. Some games weren't too noticably different but on cyberpunk for instance I took a huge performance hit and had to adjust my game to look basically terrible to get it playable compared to windows. I think I did this by setting superfx to performance.

    I have to say though, I am running a pretty old processor (barely meets win11 spec) so that could be contributing to my issues.

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