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Freedom rule
  • When I was taught it it was not pure left/right. Rather a method to differentiate levels of Libertarianism form other branches of liberalism focused on social justice (rising tide and all that). Any idea where you read it? Poli sci wonk phrasing being included into more popular literature is always fun to see.

  • After 30 years, I'm finally going to see a total solar eclipse. Also, Potato World is a thing.
  • I'm in a similar boat. Flew across the country because after "missing" 2017s I immediately felt regret. Now I'm debating Europe in 2026.

    But the colors. Can someone who understands this stuff please explain to me why a simple reduction in light in the lead up to (and following) totality makes all the colors seem "wrong"?

  • Roku explores taking over HDMI feeds with ads
  • +1. We are a household of sysadmins/engineers. Sure I or my wife could design a PC for media in an afternoon - but I don't want to deal with it.

    An apple TV was a no fuss, no headache media box that can interface with the servers that store my media.

  • [Solved] Docker not accepting environment variable
  • As others have said, remove the # to uncommit the line.

    Commits are a special type of line in many languages that allow us humans to stick info (generally for humans) inside the code that the interpreter skips over. From the machines perspective this block looks like:


    Note that the entire line is missing.

    As a side note. Please change the password as it's been posted to the Internet.

  • Don’t learn to code: Nvidia’s founder Jensen Huang advises a different career path
  • Let's be clear - current AI models are being used by poor leadership to remove bad developers (good ones don't tend to stick around). This however does place some pressure on the greater tech job market (but I'd argue no different then any other downturn we have all lived through).

    That said, until the issues with being confidently incorrect are resolved (and I bet people a lot smarter then me are tackling the problem) it's nothing better then a suped up IDE. Now if you have a public resources you can point me to that can look at a meta repo full of dozens of tools and help me convert the python scripts that are wrappers of wrappers( and so on) into something sane I'm all ears.

    I highly doubt we will ever get to the point where you don't need to understand how an algorithm works - and for that you need to understand core concepts like recursion and loops. As humans brains are designed for pattern recognition - that means writing a program to solve a sodoku puzzle.

  • Don’t learn to code: Nvidia’s founder Jensen Huang advises a different career path
  • There is more to a program then writing logic. Good engineers are people who understand how to interpret problems and translate the inherent lack of logic in natural language into something that machines are able to understand (or vice versa).

    The models out there right now can truly accelerate the speed of that translation - but translation will still be needed.

    An anecdote for an anecdote. Part of my job is maintaining a set of EKS clusters where downtime is... undesirable (five nines...). I actively use chatgpt and copilot when adjusting the code that describes the clusters - however these tools are not able to understand and explain impacts of things like upgrading the control plane. For that you need a human who can interpret the needs/hopes/desires/etc of the stakeholders.

  • A former Gizmodo writer changed his name to ‘Slackbot’ and stayed undetected for months
  • That's more or less it.

    For example, I've got somewhere around 700 users. If we don't have SSO (SAML preferred, oauth as a fall back, and good whiskey is required for ldap/ad) whatever your attempting to buy won't pass review. Now Timmy the sales drone knows that, and so does their leadership - hence the SSO tax.