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Does anybody actually use trunk based development in their company?
  • My company still uses SVN, but we have almost 20 years of history in the repository, not including the autogenerated commits from when we migrated from CVS.

    My department would like for us to move to git (some sub projects have) but it's important for our process to retain the history and nobody has had the time to figure out if the migration would be clean then update all of our auto-testing infrastructure (which itself is over a decade old) to use git, all while not stopping active development.

  • [CompSci] All regular languages can be constructed from performing operations on elementary languages?
  • If I can remember my theory correctly the difference between languages revolves around the machinery required to recognize the language.

    Regular expressions can be recognized with just finite state machines (NFA or DFA have the same power).

    Context free languages require a Push down automata. And context sensitive languages need a Turing Machine.

    When looking at regular expressions as NFAs you can see the operations you mentioned.

    Concat a b: is just state transition

    Union a b: have an epsilon transition from the start state to an NFA for a and one into the NFA for b

    Repeat a: add an epsilon transition from the accept state of a to it's own start state

    With the more powerful grammars you might be able to do similar analysis on the ability to join machines together but it's been too many years since I did any formal work like that.

  • Is there a downside to Flatpak?
  • Where in America is there 20Gbps symmetrical fiber? Everywhere I know tops out at 1gbps if you are lucky that your ISP isn't shit, and lots of areas are still on slow cable.

    In my area my options are 200mbps cable or 100mbps ADSL (which inexplicably costs more than the cable Internet)

  • Cities: Skylines II - Performance, Post-Release Plans & Goals
  • I get between 35-60 FPS on high with a Ryzen 3600X and a RX7900 XT at 1440p. I'm only medium sized right now but it's not worth complaining about. As I get bigger I'll just turn settings down if they haven't patched performance.

    It does seem like VRAM is important, gputop shows using around 12GB.

  • opinion
  • Man this brings back memories of installing Fedora Core 6 at my internship. I think I jumped to F10 after we did a round of updates. I started distro-hopping after that so I missed a bunch but I really like Fedora 16s wallpaper.