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Modern online banking

A couple of years ago, QR-bills were introduced in Switzerland as a means to make payments easier. My bank provides an app to scan the QR codes, which I prefer not to install. The only other option they provide to scan the codes is to use the webcam. Am I supposed to print my digital bills to have my webcam scan them again? Just let me upload a goddamn screenshot.

So... How was your weekend?
  • I went to a small (~30 people) festival dedicated to wood carving, because I was asked if a wanted to cook for everyone. Found it very inspiring to get an impression of that very specific sub culture.

  • New Open Source law in Switzerland
  • Swiss lemming here. Switzerland already open-sourced multiple projects before, most notably the app to store your COVID test / vaccination status in. It was even officially available on F-Droid. I was very suprised at that point, and I'm happy to see that there are now efforts to make such behavior more default and less edge case, even when there are exceptions.

  • Here’s what we’re working on in Firefox | The Mozilla Blog
  • I totally agree regarding making it optional, but I have to say the idea of auto generating alt texts sounds like a really useful application of AI - no one really likes to do that manually yet a significant number of beautiful people rely on it.

  • Can I refuse MS Authenticator?
  • Same problem here, my company requires 2FA for remote network access. MS Authenticator requires Google Services on Android which I don't have - so no home office for me I guess.

  • Any of you have a self-hosted AI "hub"? (e.g. for LLM, stable-diffusion, ...)

    I've been looking into self-hosting LLMs or stable diffusion models using something like LocalAI and / or Ollama and LibreChat.

    Some questions to get a nice discussion going:

    • Any of you have experience with this?
    • What are your motivations?
    • What are you using in terms of hardware?
    • Considerations regarding energy efficiency and associated costs?
    • What about renting a GPU? Privacy implications?

    Migrated my self-hosted Nextcloud to AIO and I absolutely love it

    Just wanted to share my happiness.

    AIO is the new (at least on my timeline) installation method of Nextcloud, where most of the heavy-lifting is taken care of automatically.

    Rick and Morty robber

    POST-EPISODE DISCUSSION THREAD - S7E7: Wet Kuat Amortican Summer

    Open your mind!