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What is the best cheap cell phones that support Lineage OS (or your perfected Privacy rom)?
  • So I was about to say "I love my Fairphone 5 and recommend it wholeheartedly but it's not supported by Lineage is yet, which is really frustrating, especially after its been out nearly a whole year", but then I checked and - well, I'll be damned - LineageOS does support the FP5 now so I know what I'll be doing later on: eating chicken wings. But after that, upgrading my FP5 to LineageOS.

  • Do you poweroff your server during night / unused times?
  • No. Yes. Kind of.

    My home setup is three ProLiant towers in a ProxMox cluster. One box handles all-the-time stuff like OpenWRT, file server, email, backups, and - crucially - Home Assistant and is UPS protected because of how important it's jobs are. The other two are powered up based on energy costs; Home Assistant turns them on for the cheapest six hours of the day or when energy costs are negative and they perform intensive things like sailing the high seas, preemptive video transcoding, BOINC workloads and such. The other boxes in the photo are also on all the time basically being used as disk enclosures for the file server and they are full of mismatched hard disks that spend virtually all their time asleep. At rest the whole setup pulls about 35-40W.

  • Rome knows what's up.

    These water fountains flow constantly with fresh drinking water for anyone to use and they are everywhere in Rome. Covering the spout with your finger forces the water out a hole on top, creating a arch of water at perfect 𝓼𝓵𝓾𝓻𝓹𝓲𝓷𝓰 height. The Romans were/are with us.

    Architecture Porn rmuk

    A mixture of private and social apartments in Wein, Austria

    The apartment blocks - two of perhaps a hundred - are surrounded by open greenery, wide walkways and dense tram networks. Most of them have café bars, bookstores, grocery stores or the like on the ground level and loads of benches, play areas and exercise equipment dotted about. The place is rife with Third Places.

    The remarkable thing about these is that, to the locals, they seem fairly unremarkable.


    Does anyone know a way of calculating the energy needed to heat a home/room?

    Does anyone know a way of calculating the amount of heating I need to maintain an average temperature in terms of kWh of heating per 24 hours? Ideally one taking into account weather conditions.

    I have a pretty big Home Assistant setup which includes switches for individually controlling all the (electric) heaters in my home. I'm also using an electricity supplier that changes the amount they charge every 30 minutes to reflect supply and demand. Given these rates are published at least 24 hours in advance I can currently choose a number of hours to run the heaters per day and have an automation automatically select the cheapest periods. I'm paying less per kWh for heating than I would if I was using a gas boiler. Plus, it's all from renewables, so working out that number of hours is the next step.