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It’s time for megalithic action!- Just Stop Oil decorate Stonehenge
  • “The orange cornflour we used to create an eye-catching spectacle will soon wash away with the rain..."

    Just like the Mona Lisa incident - they aren't doing irreparable harm to the monument. It definitely gets the discussion going, which feels like their ultimate goal.

  • Star Wars Fans Seem to Be Review-Bombing the Wrong 'Acolyte'
  • I'm really enjoying the story. It's not the best produced show, but it's expanding on some elements from the SW universe that haven't been thoroughly explored yet, like how the Jedi were viewed by those who didn't see them as the protectors of the galaxy, how the Jedi functioned outside of war time (they appeared to be very political), and how do the Jedi handle themselves when they make mistakes.

    I think there are legitimate things to criticize with the show, but it's not worthy of negative reviews it's receiving.

  • (Opinion piece) Hello, PC gaming here: Are the consoles OK? With sales dropping and confidence declining, how close are we to the end of consoles as we know them?
  • The way I see it: PC has a high upfront cost with minimal maintenance/upgrade cost to continue using it with newer releases for years.

    Consoles have a cheaper upfront cost but no maintenance/upgrade. Once it's obsolete (as determined by the industry, not the owner) then you are forced to buy a new console for new releases.

    For me, in practice, I know for a fact that I have spent less on my PC components and games than I would if I wanted the same experience on a console.

  • Google to start permanently deleting users’ location history
  • They probably realized it's not profitable because 90% of a user's visits are home, work, store... wash rinse repeat day in and day out. They can probably get more meaningful data from the person through their other various tracking methods.