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‘Trad-Wife’ TikToker Axed From Job After Casually Saying N-Word
  • I hate that in today's world, the response is to double down and make a heap of money from conservative media outlets.

  • For free for 11.99$
  • This is Kumail Nanjiani's best work.

  • Sen. John Fetterman and wife Giselle taken to hospital after car crash in Maryland
  • Unless a bruised shoulder treated by frozen peas is severe enough to indicate amnesia, I doubt it.

  • Remarks by President Biden on Securing Our Border
  • They'll choose both anyway. Maybe even in the same sentence.

  • A quick note on the return2ozma ban:
  • Also don't post the same shit multiple times a day, everyday, forever.

  • A quick note on the return2ozma ban:
  • I'm ok with this, it was borderline spam with how many articles they managed to find and post all on the same theme.

  • The felon frontrunner: How Trump warped our politics
  • I'm not sure we have the same understanding of "incumbency advantage".

  • Now that we've got a full spoiler for Modern Horizons 3, how do you feel about the set?
  • I haven't looked through all the cards, and I'm only really thinking of it from a limited standpoint, but it looks very fun. I'm excited to play with BFZ style Eldrazi again, probably in a draft environment that isn't terrible.

  • The felon frontrunner: How Trump warped our politics
  • Honestly even with Biden losing a bunch of voters due to his stance on Israel, I'm not sure tossing away the incumbency advantage is a good move.

  • Donald Trump was convicted on felony charges. Will he go to prison?
  • Can he look over Melanie's shoulder while she votes for him like last time?

  • 20 Years of Blogging on my own website
  • In the early days, most of them.

  • [MH3] Furnace Hellkite
  • Shivan Dragon is somewhere crying at the bottom of a volcano.

  • X considers "cisgender" a slur, and moderates it over actual slurs
  • Dude, you can't use that word anymore.

  • Thoughts on AI music?
  • I don't want it, but it's coming. Maybe it's here even. That "I Glued My Balls To My Butthole Again" song gets stuck in my head all the time.

  • [MH3] Pyretic Rebirth
  • *Rebirth