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Which GPU or GPU brand would you buy for gaming these days?
  • For the hardware encoding side it used to be true before OBS introduced better AMD encoder support. I have a 6800XT and it works just fine for streaming casually, though I agree that if you stream professionally then Nvidia is the better option.

  • Gender-specific toilets to be required in non-residential buildings in England
  • Most toilet facilities in England have a shared washing up area so in most cases it would be prohibitively expensive to convert older ones to having a basin etc in each stall. Newer buildings tend to build in single person toilets which are then universal. I think the fear for some comes from having shared washing areas.

  • Steam News : Refund Policy Update
  • I'm not familiar with advanced access but I suppose the worry would be whether the game could be changed between then and the final release. If it can, then your play time might not represent the final product.

  • Get rid of landlords...
  • There are plenty of mechanisms that can be employed (as there already are in many countries) to ensure profit is not made from essential living. You either own or have strict rent control which tends to mean many properties are publicly owned. Recreational stay is different, it is part of a hospitality industry which provides an additional service on top of what fundamental housing provides.