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Comment on a YT video about Windows on ARM
  • Except you already have that update installed, the box is not checked and the entry is still respected, nobody could possibly tell you why because that's not how it's supposed to work and everyone else works as stated! And now you have to live with the knowledge that your system is in some unobserved quantum superposition with a critical fix in place which may stop working at any moment for any reason and nobody can tell you how you even managed to get into this situation...

  • Electrons are easy
  • Except they only look like that if there is an external reference system imposing some structure on the atom! Otherwise all orbitals are basically spherical because they can all just be in a superposition of all possible orbitals and we couldn't tell a difference...

    And then suddenly you have two atoms meeting and need to explain why 1+1=0 for their molecular orbits -.-

  • How can my pollution kill them‽ Their nests absorb it in huge swaths and actually give birth to MORE of them not less! /s very, very much (because although I didn't know the player even had any kind of external alignment in factorio until right now I can totally see and understand this being the canon response of the devs thus making my statement rather sarcastic!)

  • Neverminding the evidence to the contrary.
  • Aren't we also "just" animals as well though?

    (Not defending either side, I just really dislike it when statements suggest we aren't also literally animals that somehow figured out to think slightly more than others...)

  • MultiVersus director says dataminers do ‘a disservice to the players’
  • And then there are devs/games like Nolla/Noita which specifically included a nice little message for data miners which asked them to keep all the gained secrets a secret until a certain date with a reward for both them and the community if they did and who would have guessed: they did! And now they are immortalized inside the games credits!

  • xkcd #2933: Elementary Physics Paths
  • And then even when you try to peer behind the definition of "nothing" with math all you are greeted with is infinities which we handily just swept under the rug and pretended to be zero so we could define a "nothing" state in the first place!

  • Can I make it fit, or do I have to just let it go?
  • This might be a bad place (i.e. post, the community is correct), but looking at the void has got me interested so I wanted to ask: What are the main advantages of using runit compared to systemd? Like I don't want to know all the differences (of which there are apparently many since people complain about systemd being too "bloated"/spread out over different systems?)

    Also in all the "typical" discussion on systemd vs runit plenty of people talked about serious problems with runit and sometimes said something or other about process security? Is that substantiated in any way (as in "yeah technically during the boot process runit could be vulnerable to X if executing an unsafe script while systemd can't do that because it does Y instead" or is it more like "yeah no, people just claim X when it's not really possible or systemd also has the same problem, they just don't talk about it"?)

    (Hopefully this doesn't turn into yet another thread about people bashing each other over this choice since that usually leads to no information being really trustworthy unless one wades through tons of long posts external to the thread...)

  • "Do you know how many spells are just recycled incantations?"
  • Oh but the fireworks of Ericas "broader detect magic" became so popular that she actually added back all the spark colors for all the moral edge cases!

    We now have novice wizards playing around with exactly how angry they need to be and how gaudy their robes need to be to get the different signals triggered...

  • "Do you know how many spells are just recycled incantations?"
  • Or just plug it into a running campaign: A wizard was using another smaller plane of existence as this, but they have somehow become unable to close it again and the party need to venture inside to fix it so he may safely close it again!

  • Zero to hero
  • Actually "whole numbers" (at least if translated literally into German) exist outside America! However, they most absolutely (aka are defined to) contain 0. Because in Germany "whole numbers" are all negative, positive and neutral (aka 0) numbers with only an integer part (aka -N u {0} u N [no that extra 0 is not because N doesn't contain it but just because this definition works regardless of wether you yourself count it as part of N or not]).

  • The Researcher
  • And I still want my cut of that money damnit! I mean hiding the true secrets of quantum mechanics from the rest of the world really starts losing its appeal if all hush money payments are always late...

  • What did you get told as a child that you realised was a lie as you got older?
  • Nah even statistics is perfectly logical and right, but not because truth is absolute (there may be such a thing, but we definitely don't have access to it in that case. [At this time?]), but rather because math defined there to be a way in which all you derive from it is 'absolutely' true. It just might be 'absolutely' true in a system that isn't ours, or isn't useful for answering anything we want to ask...

  • A YouTuber let the Cybertruck close on his finger to test the new sensor update. It didn't go well.
  • Wait what? Are there actually elevators "programmed" this way‽ (can this behavior even be changed in the controller?)

    Because I have never "tested" this behavior per se (I mean you mostly want your elevator to move anyway so you ideally remove the obstruction the first time it didn't fully close...)