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Innovation or Overreach? UH Research Casts blame on OceanGate's Submersible Design says: Low quality carbon fibre lead to the accident
  • Your point makes sense, but an epoxy submersible definitely wouldn't make it down to the titanic intact even once, and there are some ways fibers could be put in tension by compressing the cylinder, so the CF was doing something, its just complicated. They shouldve just built a normal submersible though.

  • every frickin time: of course the Sora "AI" video was faked
  • I don't think sora is good for anything or anyone other than openai making more money based on hype, but it seems pretty reasonable to me that the company that previously scraped the whole internet (violating everyones copyright) and trained one of the best text models on it, could do the same for video.

    I mean, most of the clips they show have some noticable minor (or major) issues, and the "fail" examples are very obviously wrong.

    I hadn't even seen the balloon head one, I only watched the clips they published when they announced it.

  • Vanguard takes screenshots of your PC every time you play a game
  • it simply wouldn't trust the client with anything the player shouldn't know, to minimize cheating potential. valorant does this, and made a blog post about it. also, player movement could be analyzed server side to attempt to distiguish between cheating and legit.

    I think client side invasive anti cheat is likely more effective than this, but its a cat and mouse game. if the anticheat was server side and good, there isn't anything to attack

  • New Orleans Likes to Drink. They Spotted a Huge Recycling Opportunity
  • sure yeah, we need sand for erosion control, but getting it from glass that has already been manufactured (a carbon intensive process) and turning it back into a raw material, instead of remelting it into more useable glass, is a strange idea.

    normally we take a raw material, and (with effort) turn it into a product people use, and if it can be reused after its first use, it makes a lot more sense to work on that, rather than turning it right back into raw material.

  • New Orleans Likes to Drink. They Spotted a Huge Recycling Opportunity
  • this is not a very good idea for the enviroment. recycled glass CAN BE remelted into more glass products, and crushing usable glass (that took lots energy to produce) and literally dumping it into the ocean is hilariously counterproductive. I like the sentiment though, just not what they are doing.

  • A real horror movie from the Wild Division
  • propellers are just loud. magic secret inventions won't change that much (recently there was a company that claimed to have silent propellers, the hobby fpv drone community tried to replicate what they showed but didnt get anywhere)

    I think it's just hard to maintain constant awareness in war

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