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New youtube layout?
  • I've been getting very close to ditching YouTube. This change showed up a few weeks ago for me and pushed me a bit further.

    If they succeed in inserting ads into the video stream I'll bail alltogether. I can fit a subscription to Brilliant, Dropout, and several creator Patreons into the cost of a YouTube Red subscription, and I won't have to deal with these attention-optimizing UI changes.

  • Rule (Penance 15/100)
  • We are all part of an utterly awesome experience called life. Every single thing you do, from the people you choose to love and hurt, to the words you speak and write, to the place your body falls at the end of it all, influences the world and the people around you.

    You are not insignificant. You are fantastical. You are a peice of an unimaginably complex system that began hundreds of millions of years ago when the first cell came into existence - manifesting, like a flame from the darkness. Your life is the very beat of the heart that propels the human experience into worlds unknown, hurtling through space at unimaginable speeds, in a universe where our existence was not luck, not chance, but INEVITABLE.

    Do you not look upon yourself and experience awe? Do you not look at the stars and know that the universe belongs to you, always has, and always will? Know this. You are beautiful. Know this, and go forth, and THRIVE.

  • Wut