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City Street Orientation Visualization
  • They should try driving in Charlotte. Mfrs are honking on the horn as the light turns. I'm now up in Winston-Salem and these mofos will definitely take their time to decide if they should go on a green.

  • How to make an EV tire that won’t pollute the environment
  • This is false. They aren't really that much heavier, 1k lb or so. It's not the weight that tears up tires it's the instant and 100% torque when you hit the accelerator. If you go easy on the launches your tires will last longer.

  • Nearly $109 million in deposits held for fintech Yotta’s customers vanished in Synapse collapse, bank says
  • Everyone should have a main account with a local credit union and then secondary accounts with whatever "fintech" banks you want. I keep multiple accounts and everything flows through a local account first and then gets moved elsewhere. Currently I'm using revolut as my secondary to help budgeting.

  • Winklevoss twins say they each donated $1M in bitcoin to Trump
  • Wow. You have set a record for amount of dumb shit in one comment.

    You sound salty that you missed out. You haven't. BTC, et al isn't a ponzi or a pyramid, it's actually more fair of a system than fiat.

    I could give you a list of projects with real teams and communities behind them but I don't think you would appreciate it so I won't.

    Have a nice day now.