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L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • Costs rising more than 3% a year. Since it's California I'd imagine the insurance is going up much faster than 3% of total ownership costs. If small landlords cannot stay in the black because they can't afford the insurance with capped rent increases they will sell to the entities that can afford to self-insure. Corporations like BlackRock

  • China's electric farm trucks are very different than ours. I went there to see how
  • Is that ~10mm rod on the green one the trailing arm?! They look fragile and like they would get stuck really easily. Might be a spooled 2wd but I sort of doubt it.

    If the paths are made for them, they would probably work fine but on a western ranch? nope.

  • Why do so many people still hate GrapheneOS?
  • I don't use it because Calyx is "good enough" and I make a lot of my decisions about which projects to use based on the community associated with them. Graphene has a toxic as fuck community, Calyx is very carebear.

  • Microsoft has blocked the bypass that allowed you to create a local account during Windows 11 setup by typing in a blocked email address
  • I use TrueNAS and just checked: There is an available Minecraft app and also something called MineOS (seems to be a front end to make managing the server easier). My plex running through the same app ecosystem stays updated and hasn't failed me yet. I used to run the service separate from the NAS, but this is real nice.

    FreeNAS and UnRaid probably have the same functionality.

  • Reminder: The DMV uses photos for facial recognition
  • nobody has talked about it for years

    March 2024:

    There are rumblings here in CO about curtailing law enforcement's use of this database. I personally would like to have subpoena protection of the database, so at least it has to go before a judge before the cops just rifle through everyone's pictures.

    This is especially concerning given that citizens are recently being required to update their ID to a “Real ID,” which means more people than ever before are giving away the rights to their own face.

    lol, no. Real ID is just a set of requirements the federal govt. has implemented to make sure state IDs are held to the same standard as passports re: data integrity and information presented. That's all. Not mark of the beast, not something nefarious to track you more than your old state-issued DL did in the past. As far as "recently"? Nope, states have had 20 years.

  • Congress Just Made It Basically Impossible to Track Taylor Swift’s Private Jet
  • It's fun to watch airplanes. Watching them via radio is also fun. The data has been public since the FAA started issuing tail numbers and it's never really been an issue before.

    What's really fucked up is that these jets currently operate under Part 91, just like grandpa's Cessna. Quite unregulated when it comes to how long the pilots can fly and the taxes are lower than Part 135 which is where I believe these private jets should operate. IMO a private plane should be owner operated, allowing the individual to determine safety limits. Part 135 regulates quite a bit more, including pilot rest periods and allowed weather conditions. We already regulate these billionaire's car drivers more stringently than a regular driver, why not the air travel too?

    edit: oh, duh. If the airplane operates under Part 135 it can easily be owned by an LLC which is the same form of privacy protection I (and many others) use to shield my identity in real estate records.

  • Phone and messages replacement
  • E2EE is an extension of RCS that's controlled by google, they don't control the basic RCS standard though. I believe anyone can implement RCS in their messaging app and the GSMA will probably roll E2EE into the standard at some point. RCS is carrier dependent (all three major US carriers are supporting it) and you've got to have a data plan instead of good old SMS going over regular cell service.

    Oh yeah, +1 for Quik SMS. It's the best I've found

  • Congress Just Made It Basically Impossible to Track Taylor Swift’s Private Jet
  • This isn't a stand alone bill, it's just an amendment in the FAA re-authorization bill. They have to pass this bill every 5 years to keep air traffic going.

    like /u/toiletobserver memed in this thread, "Challenge Accepted". All the airplanes are still going to have to broadcast ID through ADS-B. They are going to shuffle the N-numbers around but I'm sure we're going to have the finest geeks on the case deciphering who is who in the air based on where people end up on the ground.

  • Sky voice actor says nobody ever compared her to ScarJo before OpenAI drama
  • What would be neat is if ScarJo sues and wins, could the Jane Doe voice actor then hit ScarJo with an antitrust lawsuit? I mean, if the poor lady can't get work because the market for "that voice" is dominated by one actor: then what?

  • Have thermostatic mixers caught on in US showers yet?
  • Yeah, high end installations have been using them for years. You won't find them in the big-box stores. I looked into all that when I redid my showers and decided to just go with Delta "Monitor" mixers. It worked pretty well with the old tank heater and it's indistinguishable from a thermostatic now that I have an on-demand water heater. As a bonus, the Monitor valve is interchangeable with a regular mixer valve in case I'm broke when it fails and need to buy a cheap mixer valve.

    I think the Monitor brand uses wax like you described in a comment but they don't call them thermostatic, probably to differentiate them from their actual bimetal products.