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Williams-Sonoma must pay almost $3.2 million for violating FTC's 'Made in USA' order
  • That's the problem the companies don't fear the consequences for their action. If the fine was huge enough to bankrupt a company. Then the other companies will take a second guess before committing any fraud or deception against the consumers like you and me.

  • [General question to the Android community] Have you given up on the audio jack, or do you still only buy devices that have it?
  • My preference while buying phone:

    • ">8GB ram"
    • ">250 GB storage"
    • 120Hz display
    • Battery capacity ">5500mah",
    • SD card option,
    • Headphone jack,
    • Pretty recent chip, if not the latest,
    • Waterproof ip68 minimum

    I don't care wheather its Chinese or Taiwanese or American or any other.

    I usually debloat the device on the first day. With ADB

  • YouTube’s ad blocker crackdown now includes third-party apps
  • One 10-15 sec ad for an 5-10 mins video would be fair. Because if you calculate the ad shown in Cable TV it was similar I would watch them no problem. But NOOO these greedy fckrs want 3-5 ads of >15secs unskipable ads shoved down our throats. They have record profits. In a business if you are in profit then it's a good thing. But these fcks want to increase profit year by year, not stable profit for the number of users. That want infinite growth and profit from a finite source and they crazy or what? So if anyone says blocking ads on YouTube is piracy, then fck you and those greedy fckrs. They crossed the limit long time ago and they are reaping what they had sowed.

  • Apple argues in favor of selling Macs with only 8GB of RAM
  • Why tf can't they sell mac with upgradable parts?? They are "so" into renewable and recycling stuff and saving planet and stuff. Then they should start selling shits with upgradable parts. Even cpu's if possible. Now apple fan boys argue with that. And don't bullshit me with soc should be near cpu for faster optimisation they can redesign the mobo.