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Your average friendly nihilist from Finland.

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That's much better.
  • ...and I assume you meant that women can't be a spiderman villain.

  • What would you do if a scraggly homeless person knocked on your door, and all he asked was for a sandwich, a bottle of water, a bath, and perhaps a beard trim?
  • There are some cultural differences here that affects the equation. If homelessness is taken care of that doesn't mean there are no people on the streets. There will however be a a certain "enrichment" in what type of people are there.

    Our constitution demands that everyone must have a life worth human dignity. If somebody looses everything, gouvernment provides housing and funds for minimum standards of living.

    So for that reason, only ones that are on the streets are the ones who can't/won't take care of themselves, even if these things are given to then, but are not so far gone they could be institutionalized. Everyone is still free to get hammered and be on the streets.

    Very often these people have long history on substance abuse and have degraded to a level of a child. Police often picks them up, so they can be washed, because they often soil themselves. They are not dangerous, because then they would be institutionalized, but they are very smelly and often vocally abusive.

    Would I open my door to these people? No.

    I would give then food and water if needed, but these are not things they ask for.

  • That's much better.
  • She is Miss Appear

    Woman who has never been seen, because she's always in a wrong place

  • That's much better.
  • That's sexist

  • That's much better.
  • Now he has become a spiderman villain.

  • It's Saturday, are you doing anything at night?
  • My adult son is returning from a trip with a remnants of a flu, so we are gonna heat up the sauna, watch a movie and make special hot salsa with habaneros and jalapeños and eat it with nachos. Movie will be something older that he hasn't seen. Truman Show, RoboCop 2 or War Of The Worlds (Tom Cruise one).

  • It's Saturday, are you doing anything at night?
  • That is certainly worth watching.

  • If there's one thing you want people to learn, what would it be and why?
  • Me: Composting

    Interesting choice.

    Recently local people were forced to separate bio waste from regular waste or compost bio waste themselves.

    There were so many smelly failures around town for a long time and many gave up. Just small mistakes.

  • Vesihuoltolaitoksiin murtauduttu kesän aikana eri puolilla Suomea – tämä murroista tiedetään nyt
  • Totta ja perähikiällä on monella oma kaivo, mutta jos perähikiän vesi-infra sabotoidaan tai pohjavesi saastutetaan, se on yllättävan suuri määrä vettä, jota joudutaan siirtämään ja pahimassa tapauksessa kauempaa, koska naapurialueiden vesikapasiteetti on mitoitettu oman käytön mukaan, ilman huimia kasvunäkymiä.

    Tosin veden juomakelvottomaksi saaminen on helppoa, mutta täysin käyttökelvottomaksi saaminen tai infran pitkäaikainen hajottaminen on vaikeaa. Tämä vaikuttaa siirtotarpeen määrään ja aikaan.

  • every company right now
  • In many things you need to be accredited by a third party according to some standards and they audit you periodically. They demand that you have shitload of plans, programs, reports, logs and other paperwork required by those standards.

    Auditors mostly only care that the paperwork exists and only focus on the contents on key aspects that are usually clear and short.

  • Will anything dethrone the Steam Deck? Probably not -GamingonLinux
  • Only reason I have overclocked Raspberry Pi 400 for net, office and bank stuff are those shitty spyware anti-cheats. This way I don't have to worry what kind of monstrosities are installed on my deck, because it's only used for gaming, but you are right, you can manage with just the deck, unless you need some high end proprietary windows software for your self-employed work.

  • every company right now
  • So many things just needs something that looks right and is not too long or too short. Nobody will actually read it with some thought. It only matters that it exists.

    For bureaucratic bullshit like that AI is a godsend.

  • Vesihuoltolaitoksiin murtauduttu kesän aikana eri puolilla Suomea – tämä murroista tiedetään nyt
  • Omasta kokemuksesta pakko sanoa, että monilla kunnilla on hyvin naiivi suhtautuminen vesihuoltoon. Jos vesi-infraa halutaan sabotoida, onnistuu se helposti. Oikeastaan hyvä, että hiukan maalaillaan uhkakuvia. Varsinkin kun pikkukunnissa monessa asiassa edetään otteella "poikien kanssa tässä vähän puuhaillaan", eikä ison maailman hömpötykset paina. Jos valmiusharjoituksissa tulee toruja, pistetään silmät kiinni riittävän pitkäksi aikaa ja toivotaan, että asia korjaantuu itsestään tai unohdetaan. Oikeat ratkaisut on kalliita, eikä niihin välttämäti ole rahaa. Teknisesti päteviä henkilöitäkin on vain se yksi, joka yleensä hoitaa sen ulkopuolisen konsultin tilaamisen, kun asia on iso, eikä sitä voi muuten välttää.

  • How different would civilization be if humans had "mating season" ?
  • Post nut clarity for most of the year sounds peaceful, but I'm guessing people in heat would think with their genitals and wouldn't care about STDs or pregnancy.

    Everyone wound have some STD and birth control would be a side note. Human reproduction would work like clockwork and without neutering world would have exploded long time ago.

  • Will anything dethrone the Steam Deck? Probably not -GamingonLinux
  • So much good hardware, but lazy obsession to enshittify them with Windows.

  • [Discussion] Double discussion this month, what games did you buy for your Deck during the Steam Sale, and what are you playing on Deck right now? - July 2024
  • Agreed. I experimented heavily with different control options and had special configs for all classes and even for some weapon sets. Some things were really good, others remained combersome. Also used the steam controller.

    In toughest lvl 5 moments, no tweaking was enough. It was "OK" if you were on the road and with shitload of practice it might have been great.

    In the end, I've done most of my playing with Dock + keyb + trackball + external display.

  • Donating a gaming PC, how can I let them try my games in a safe way?
  • I'd read EULAs carefully.

    Shouldn't be a problem with a temporary try, but if there is a bureaucratic rat somewhere, you might receive some 'cease and desist' letters.

  • [Discussion] Double discussion this month, what games did you buy for your Deck during the Steam Sale, and what are you playing on Deck right now? - July 2024
  • So far just Juno: New Origins

    I've been mostly playing:

    • Noita
    • Deep Rock Galactic
    • Oxygen Not Included

    Will pick up Juno when I get a chance to play when I'm not dead tired.

  • What's the coolest thing you found while metal detecting?
  • Found my wifes disapproval, even before I even had a chance to buy the detector. It wasn't just cool, it was cold.