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I have never sinned
  • You jest, but a classmate of mine tried to convince me of Christianity this way back in elementary school.

    That pretty much guaranteed that I would never believe in that for the rest of my life.

  • I don't need any of that in my silly little life at all
  • No, that's not really what I'm trying to argue. I'm saying that the BS wasn't as one-sided as it seems. The KPD were Stalinists in the 30s, but they also had a few legitimate reasons to hate the SPD and the Iron Front.

  • I don't need any of that in my silly little life at all
  • On the other hand, the SPD was more than happy to use the Freikorps to put down communist uprisings during the time of Rosa Luxemburg, who was very much not a tankie.

    I am fairly certain that this was a big factor in the bad blood between the two groups, which predated the KPD's turn towards Stalinism and adopting the concept of "social fascism" under muscovite pressure.

  • bOth sIDeS aRe ThE SaME!!1!
  • Economics shenaniganery means that just raising the minimum wage will likely just raise prices.

    The state apparatus should probably regulate the prices too, and improve the public housing projects.

  • Why do non-psychologists talk so much about Freud?
  • I am indeed aware that philosophers are not a monolith. They are, however, way more likely to like Freud.

    There are counter-trends, but there is a lot of Freudian shenanigans about. The fact that they are a major force bothers and intrigues me.

  • Enlightened Centrists
  • Moonbats who promised something to an altar of Joe Stalin are a minority of leftists, including radical leftists such as most people here.

    The right-wing nutcases are the hegemon. Those who aren't themselves that extreme at the very least enable them, if not passively want the same things.

  • Not happening, dude
  • On the other hand, the policing system encourages screwing over minorities and doing various other scummy things (through a quota system among other things). This does not absolve cops of guilt if they target minorities, lie, or plant drugs.

  • Why do non-psychologists talk so much about Freud?

    Most psychologists don't care about Freud's work outside of a historical sense and kinda hate him as a person. His work was quite literally used as an example of pseudoscience by Karl Popper.

    And yet for some reason philosophers have an obsession with integrating his views into their work and artists keep using his views as inspiration and analyze existing works via the lens of psychoanalysis.


    Laymen's Distros That Still Use X11

    Hello, comrades. I come to you seeking help. Recently, my young sister decides she would like to install Linux. Good brother that I am, I want to help her.

    Here's the kicker. Her PC has a GTX 770. The newest driver for such a card is #470 according to Ubuntu-derived systems. Alas, almost every "normal person" distro uses Wayland now, and Wayland doesn't support such an old driver. I am not going to install Arch on a 10-year-old's PC, btw.

    What are some good distros I can install on her PC so that neither I nor her have to have a headache getting Wayland out and X11 in?

    Thank you, friends.


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