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The millennial council
  • Even better than an emulator is Ship of Harkinian, a full source port to modern PC hardware. It has tons of graphical and QOL improvements, built in randomizer, modern controls if you want.

    And to the people that like to say "MM iS beTTeR", they just released 2 Ship 2 Harkinian.

  • The millennial council
  • Old enough to play Ocarina of Time when it came out.

    Or at least old enough to play it at your cousin's house and ask your mom for it for christmas because you really wanted it but she wouldn't buy it for you because she was in full 90's helicopter parent mode and thought it looked too scary. I'm sure that's a universal experience.

  • Need help with simple math problem.
  • Some simplifying assumptions.

    Let the distance from Earth to Mars be equal to 1, and assume it does not change. Let the direction from Earth to Mars be the positive direction.

    Assume that the rockets travel at a constant velocity.

    The displacement of the rockets can be represented with the lines

    S_B(t) = (1/150)(t-30) = (1/150)t - (1/5)
    S_A(t) = (-1/200)t + 1

    Where t is time in days since rocket A took off. Notice rocket A has a negative slope (negative velocity) since it is moving from Mars to Earth. Rocket A has an initial position of 1, since it starts at Mars. Rocket B has a horizontal shift to the right of 30 days, representing it taking off later.

    The rockets cross where these lines intersect. So

    (1/150)t - (1/5) = (-1/200)t + 1
    ((1/150)+(1/200))t = 1 + (1/5)
    (7/600)t = (6/5)
    t = 720/7 ~= 103

    So the rockets cross approximately 103 days after rocket A took off. The position at that time is

    S_A(720/7) = (-1/200)(720/7) + 1
        =(-18/35) + 1 = 17/35 ~= 0.49

    So when they cross, they are about 49% of the way from Earth to Mars. Just closer to Earth than Mars.

    When they cross each other, which one is the closet to the earth ?

    This is why you read the while question before trying to answer it. When the cross, they are both the same distance from Earth.

  • A cool guide to Choose the Right Salt
  • Its not the 19th century anymore. Iodine deficiency is not a serious concern in most civilized countries. Most people can get enough iodine from their diets from dairy/eggs/fish/legumes.

    You don't need iodized salt, go ahead and use fancy salt. If you're really concerned, take a multivitamin every now and then.

  • Apple is working to make iPhone 16 battery removal easier to comply with EU regulations
  • Also, removable batteries and waterproofing are not mutually exclusive. There have been flagships that were waterproof and had a removable battery, like the Galaxy S5. And there still are phones like that. Manufacturers have taken this away from us.

    Also, also, every other industry has seemed to have figured it out. Go to the dollar store and you will find a flashlight that is waterproof and has easily replaceable AA batteries. Its not that complicated. Apple is one of the most successful companies on the planet, they can hire an engineer to come up with a decent solution. Apple et al. using waterproofing as an excuse to make the entire phone disposable when, not if, the battery dies is bullshit.

  • At least we know it works 🤷
  • Umm, akshually. The Martian atmosphere is already 95℅ CO2. Its cold because the atmosphere is so thin. Its thin because Mars does not have a strong magnetic field like Earth does, so solar winds can strip away bits of the atmosphere. Also, Mars only has about 0.38 times the gravity of Earth, making it easier for gases to escape.

  • Europe faces an unusual problem: ultra-cheap energy
  • A power companies largest expense is maintaining the grid. If their only product has to be sold at negative prices, then there is no money to pay people to maintain the grid. An under maintained gridgrid can lead to very serious consequences, ref:Texas.

  • MacBook Air owner?
  • "Not as shit as you could be" is not something we should be praising. A handful of years is still too short, just because it is marginally better than their competitors doesn't mean we should give Apple a pass. It just means that the industry is full of shitty companies that profit off of producing e-waste, and know that consumers have no real choice but to put up with it.