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Exclusive: Hackers stole Russian prisoner database to avenge death of Navalny | CNN Politics
  • It may be me being misinformed on the topic, bust most hacktivism actions I've heard about in the news were targeted at hurting the bad guys and rarely at effectively helping out the small guy.

  • Exclusive: Hackers stole Russian prisoner database to avenge death of Navalny | CNN Politics
  • In addition, the hackers used their access to the Russian prison system’s online commissary, where family members buy food for inmates, to change the prices of things like noodles and canned beef to one ruble, which is roughly $0.01

    That's surprisingly wholesome for hacktivists. Great idea!

  • Republican Admits Impeachment Probe Hasn't Found Any Crime by Joe Biden
  • The GOP will continue dragging out this investigation anyway, until they either find some actual dirt or create an artificial precedent that all presidents are under continuous investigation, thus discrediting any future impeachment procedure against their guy. Either way, It's a win.

  • Turkish local elections: Opposition stuns Erdogan with historic victory
  • Hopefully the beginng of the end for Erdogan.

  • Maddow on the unlikely institution holding Trump’s coup plotters to account (SYAC it is the bar association)
  • I would love this as well. How often do I stumble upon a news "article" that is just a headline and a video, with virtually no written content. I want to be able to read the news, at my own pace and without headphones!

  • VU du 26/03/24 : Hanouna et la torture ⚠
  • Merci, j'ai déposé une alerte aussi!

  • Just business
  • Nice! A prequel to the famous New Yorker comic.

  • NSFW
    Upside Down Duck Rule
  • I see an old woman.

  • Lol
  • It's Henri, and we only had four of them. But we had 10 Charles.

  • Youtube's Anti-adblock is illegal in the EU
  • Are you aware that Dailymotion, arguably Youtube's most serious competitor, is a French company?

    We did just what you suggested.

    Now it's time for internet giants to play by the rules (e.g., privacy-wise, tax-wise), or there will never be room for competition.

  • the FDA is considering a ban on menthol cigarette sales
  • Don't ban them, tax them.

    This way smokers have to pay more so the demand will decrease, tobacco industry gets less money, and the economic burden on public health and environment can be financed with the additional tax income.

  • Don't ask me which ones tho, cuz I'm an old
  • France as well! Republicans gave us French so much shit for standing up to the US and refuse to support the invasion. "Freedom fries", "Surrender monkeys" and all that crap.

  • wtf is this?
  • This reference makes me feel old.

  • This just in...landed safely
  • That's cold... I had the same thought though.

  • "The Church Grim" by Secondlina [Not OC]
  • Don't be sorry. I assumed it was OC but did not really make any effort to check.

  • "The Church Grim" by Secondlina [Not OC]
  • Thanks, I love that sort of dark kindness (or kind darkness) and you have the artist has a great style.

    Edited after OP pointed out it's not OC.

  • r0m2 enigmaticmandrill

    A man shrouded in the mystique of his dual life, dwelling in the twilight of cybercrime. By day, a brilliant scientist, crafting cutting-edge inventions; by night, a digital phantom cloaked in darkness, seeking retribution for injustices too often ignored -- an enigma for a city he vowed to protect.

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