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Internet is exploding with demands for trump to step down and stop running
  • Even if Trump steps aside, we're still fucked if the Republicans win. Project 2025 isn't specific to Trump, it's a template for the next Republican president, whoever that may be. Trump may be the lightning rod for the party, but that doesn't mean another candidate would be any better.

  • Sonia Sotomayor Is Trying to Warn Us About the Supreme Court’s Dirtiest Open Secret
  • First off, in the world of Ghostbusters, ghosts absolutely are real, though their appearances seem to be somewhat sporadic.

    Second, Peck was a man who abused his power and nearly caused an apocalypse.

    I'm not saying the Ghostbusters were entirely in the right, but Peck absolutely went too far because of his own personal biases. When he first went to the firehouse to investigate, he started out just fine. When he asked to see the containment unit, Venkman asked a perfectly valid question, "why do you want to see it?" From there, Peck immediately went off on a tangent, accusing the Ghostbusters of being frauds, and threatening legal action, to which Venkman responded in kind.

    The next time Peck shows up, he has barged in and shuts everything down without thought of the consequences. Even the people he brings along for support think it's a bad idea.

    It's like somebody built a bomb in their back yard, and instead of properly defusing it, he insists they take a sledgehammer to it.

    Imagine how this goes if he kept his cool in the first meeting. Venkman likely shows him the containment unit, and Spengler explains how it works. If it really does run afoul of EPA regulations, the Ghostbusters get a fine, and are asked to bring their equipment into compliance. Maybe they have to retrofit a few things, but in the end, there's probably no explosion of ghosts, and possibly Vinz Clortho and Zuul never manage to link up (as their meeting was facilitated by the chaos of the aftermath), preventing Gozer from entering our dimension.

  • It means if there was an actual politically motivated prosecution, that wouldn't stop someone from winning. ie. If Trump had managed to make some fake charge against Biden stick in 2020, if the people still wanted Biden to be president, he could be.

  • Houston storm: At least 5 killed, more than 600,000 without power
  • I was born and raised in Texas, and as much as I've grown tired of their shit, this is a vastly different situation to the last couple of power incidents they've had.

    This was essentially a freak storm that came out of nowhere with something like a couple of hours of notice, spawned multiple tornadoes that took out a bunch of infrastructure, including at least one high-voltage transmission tower, and cut a path over a thousand miles, from Houston, Texas all the way to Cape Canaveral, Florida.

    There are no regulations they're circumventing by being in their own power grid that could have avoided this, and even being interconnected wouldn't help much when the transmission lines have been ripped apart.

  • Economic damage from climate change six times worse than thought – report
  • I mean, if it convinces people to actually do something about the climate? Yeah, let's crow about it.

    A lot of the remaining resistance to fighting against climate change is made based on a "it's too expensive" or "companies would lose too much profit" argument. If we can tell them they'd lose more if they don't help? They might do something.

  • Repetitive Epics

    Garak asserts to Bashir that the Repetitive Epic is the finest form of Cardassian literature. I was wondering, is there any real-life literature that could be considered a "repetitive epic" in the same vein as "The Neverending Sacrifice?"


    Vulcan Sex Workers

    It has occurred to me that Vulcan must have some form of sex industry to handle those going through Pon Farr who aren't currently married or otherwise involved. Otherwise, they'd have constant issues with violence from those suffering the "blood fever" whose spouse was far away, or had died, or for some other reason had no one to mate with.

    Given Vulcan attitudes towards sex, it's probably kept out of sight, and is only "officially" available to those experiencing their "Seven Year Itch," but it has to exist, right?


    What is the purpose of Voyager's miniature transporter?

    In Voyager's transporter room, there is an alcove on the side, and embedded in the wall is what appears to be a small transporter pad. I don't believe anyone is ever shown interacting with this, so there's no definitive explanation for what it is. Assuming it is what it appears to be, what would be the purpose of a very small transporter like this?