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United Airlines says Boeing Alaska blowout cost it $200m
  • Alaskan Airlines as well. They kept getting pressure cabin alerts, never finding the problem, and just resetting the warning system. They even went so far as to instruct that this plane was not to go over water so it could land if it had an issue.

    The door plug is absolutely on Boeing but AA was negligent on how it handled the warning it got multiple times before the blowout happened.

  • DeSantis signs bill banning local heat protections for workers
  • This is just gonna lead to violence. Some petty tyrant boss is going to be killed and left at the work site over this shit. No one is going to tell who did it because the dead asshole took away the basics of life from them.

  • New Bill Could Pave the Way Toward Banning Student Debt Cancellation
  • What does it matter to the auto industry to be saved if no one is buying their cars?

    The population can only bear the burden of these bailouts for so long before collapsing. Then nobody will survive.

    The people in debt are the plankton of the ocean. They seem insignificant until they are gone. Then the whole ecosystem collapsed.