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It's easier to remember the IPs of good DNSes, too.
  • Because 48 bits over 32 bits does not really solve the problems with ip4. 128 bits basically gives one ip4 address space to each square meter of earth. Ip6 also drops all the unused and silly parts of ip4 too.

  • Good evening I hate Windows. Yes, I have to do this.
  • Since you added a question mark, commands is the correct general term. However there are two types that can be a command. Functions: which are written in pure powershell and cmdlets: which are commands provided by dotnet classes. (Also exes and a bunch of other stuff common to other shells can be a command, but that's not important.)

    The reason they have different names is early on functions didn't support some of the features available to cmdlets, such as pipeline input. There was later a way to add this support to functions.

    In practice call them any of the 3 and people will know that you mean.

  • What happens if I never activate Windows?
  • it limits the Windows updates you'll receive.

    I don't think it does now does it? For the longest time ms wants to make sure all machines are up to date to try and keep, "always getting viruses" moniker away. I think maybe xp did that?

  • Microsoft has blocked the bypass that allowed you to create a local account during Windows 11 setup by typing in a blocked email address
  • Shift F10 just opens the command prompt. After that it's the name of a batch file in the oobe folder. (Out of box experience.) You can tab complete the name so you just have to remember the oobe part. The biggest annoyance is if you buy a laptop that is in S mode, you can't start command prompt to do this.

    All it does is add a registry key, and reboot, but you would have to know how to do custom windows deployments to to create an image to skip it always.

  • Random black screens
  • Everyone saying PSU, but I also had a similar issue and it turned out to be my GPU overheating (driver did an emergency shutdown of windows.) It was a fair few years old, but after a re-paste of the GPU thermal compound the issue went away. The reason I say is it's probably cheaper than a new PSU, so I would do it first.

  • Happy 30th birthday to RFC 1631 ("NAT"), the "short term solution" we all rely on
  • It's been getting "more and more use" since 2001. To start with the isps said that they were not going to do any work to implement it until endpoints supported it. Then vista came with support by default. Next they wanted the backbones to support it. All tier 1 networks are now dual stack. Then they said they were not going to do anything until websites supported it widely. Now all cdns support it. Then they said, it's ok we will just do mass nat on everyone so won't do any work on it.

  • 3dfx Voodoo - the graphics card that revolutionized PC gaming
  • HL supported software mode, it used the same render from quake for it. It was however very slow. For more modern CPUs it would be fine but for common CPUs at the time 15fps would be a good experience.

    3dfx was good but the cards started to struggle with the likes of HL and UT. Both were playable, but not super smooth.

  • The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel [Video essay by Jenny Nicholson]
  • It's broken into chapters so you can skip a part if you are uninterested, or want to resume. There are also relatively few parts that require you to see what is in the video so you can have it on while doing something else, (but you might miss out on the costume changes.)

  • iFixit: We’re Ending Our Samsung Collaboration
  • Starting June 2024, iFixit will no longer be Samsung’s designated third-party parts and tools distributor. Also starting next month, we will no longer have a quantity limit of seven Samsung parts per repair shop per quarter.

    Wow that is quite a limit Samsung. I can see why no one would want to be a partner with them. (Which was obviously the point.)

  • [2023 Day 12] I feel like I might be missing a trick regarding combinations

    So I managed to get part 1 of the day, but it took 2 seconds to run on the real input, which is a bad sign.

    I can't see any kind of optimisation that means I can skip checks and know how many combinations are in those skipped checks (aside from 0.) I can bail out of branches of combinations if the info so far won't fit, but that still leads me to visiting every valid combination which in one of the examples is 500k. (And probably way more in the input, since if I can't complete the example near instantly the input is not happening.)

    Right now I take the string, then replace the first instance of a ? with the two possible options. Check it matches the check digits so far then use recursion on those two strings.

    I can try to optimise the matching, but I don't think that solves the real problem of visiting every combination.

    I don't think (or hope) it's just bad code but this is my code so far (python.)



    a cache was the solution!