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Red states strike deals to show controversial conservative videos in schools | Educational material from PragerU is now offered to public schools in six states
  • Ron still has some real life conservative values

    1. Self centered, no humility (Ron trying to fuck Tom's wife comes to mind)
    2. Hypocrite (Talks a big game about honesty but he gets a full salary for being the laziest slacker in the whole office, basically a government handout.)
    3. Arrogant. Not listening to nurse's advice, always believing everyone else is intellectually lesser than him. You can earn his trust after many years but the starting point is not a neutral position. It's a position of apathy or even sometimes disgust. I remember him trying to take all vegan bacon strips out of circulation instead of going about his day and letting others enjoy whatever as long as he isn't harassed.

    But all in all he's not so bad. As long had you ignore him he'll ignore you as well so you can both go about your lives most of the time.

  • Best Lemmy App in 2024

    Now that the Reddit exodus is about a year old and the client apps have matured, what's the latest state of the above question?

    What app do you use and why? I'm mainly interested in Android but suggestions for other platforms are also welcome. And if you are using multiple platforms, what's your primary one?


    What Are Some Great Films Not Adapted from Books?

    When films are adapted from books, more often than not, I tend to find the books a lot more enjoyable. So I have skipped watching a lot of films in the hope of reading the books later.

    So what are some great films not adapted from books? Or what are some films that are significantly better than the book they were adapted from?


    Elevated Railways and Politics

    A political faction cancels a rail project citing,

    1. Costs
    2. Not having enough stops
    3. Noise etc.

    Then proposes a worse project or more highways. Does this sound familiar? I urge you to watch this video because there are many parallels between this Canadian tale and the now cancelled Colombo light rail project. There maybe lessons we can learn from Canada.


    Several Patients Dead after Antibiotic Reactions

    Newsfirst reports on recent incident of antibiotic reactions. Is the the result of Keheliya Rambukwella's attempt at removing standards for importing medicine? Does anyone know what happened to that scandal?


    Who Makes Billions Paving America's Roads?

    From 3:18, CNBC reports that taxes from oil is not enough to repair roads and general federal revenue provides funds. That means that everyone is subsidizing car usage.

    If there were reduced car usage, infrastructure wouldn't have decayed at this rate. Ever increasing weight of trucks, SUVs other trending vehicle do nothing but accelerate this problem. This is another reason to tax vehicles by weight.


    You Can View Sri Lanka's Electricity Generation Sources from a Web App shows Sri Lanka's electricity generation for the past 24 hours. For example on yesterday, 42% of power came from renewables and 58% came from non-renewable sources.


    An Abandoned Hand Loom Weaving Technology Centre

    I think this is from the Cold War era but I could be wrong.