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Second Canadian scientist alleges brain illness investigation was shut down
  • Yeah, this.

    Irving owns NB, and if they want to kill a story or stop the government from looking into something, they'll do it. I don't think people outside of the Maritimes understand how bought-and-paid-for the media, the government and most businesses are by Irving.

  • With Trudeau on the ropes, Liberals contemplate the next election with hope and anxiety
  • I still remember public servants and teachers voting for Harris instead of Rae in 1995 and being absolutely incredulous about it.

    Like, dude, his entire campaign platform is about firing you and people like you and salting the earth behind him so that your job doesn't just not exist, it can't exist because government will be so broken it won't be able to build a yurt. And you're voting for him because you're mad that the guy who made you take one unpaid vacation day every once in a while so that those jobs--yours included--would be saved.

    Nope, "Common Sense" and suchlike...

  • With Trudeau on the ropes, Liberals contemplate the next election with hope and anxiety
  • Maybe, and just hear me out, maybe they should have spent money on things that help regular Canadians, instead of things that further enrich the rich.

    Of course, that implies that the point wasn't to further enrich the rich, and that the Liberals wouldn't prefer to switch seats with the Conservatives every few years, as long as the money train keeps running.

  • Who Costco supports
  • They've always done this: they require a membership, and they check that when you go, and scan it when you check out.

    If you don't want to shop at a store that doesn't use a membership system, there's other options who also treat you like a criminal. Loblaw, for example, has man-traps at the exit, which is a lot worse than a perky co-worker drawing a smiley on your receipt.

  • Death toll tops 1,000 after Haj marked by extreme heat
  • I agree, but to some degree, people own their government, and this government is, more than many, responsible for much of the causes of climate change.

    I'd say the same thing if Florida sinks into the sea, or South Texas and Louisiana are swamped, or north Alberta catches fire.

  • Death toll tops 1,000 after Haj marked by extreme heat
  • Apropos of nothing, Saudi Arabia is the definition of a petro-state.

    Chickens. Coming home. Roosting. Etc.

  • The dying gasps of NY Public Library Social Media
  • It's hysterical to hear right-wing commentary about how New York Democrats are socialist Marxist communist hippies when the reality has much more goose-stepping to it.

  • The Biden admin has no firm plan to call out domestic disinformation in the 2024 election
  • It's amazing how only one side doesn't want to appear partisan, while the other one is openly talking about jailing opponents, dissidents and the media..

    ..and we're still getting "both sides" bullshit.

  • [article] Montreal becomes largest North American city to eliminate mandatory minimum parking spots
  • There's parking In Montreal?

    I suppose that's what potholes are for...

  • Hmmm
  • Two bags per.

  • Hmmm
  • I don't like to say crass stuff like this, but in this case it's worth sharing: I've been tail-thwacked in the testicles by my happy dog, who's about this size.

    That tail's lethal. We've lost drinking glasses, food and all sorts of knick knacks to an excited tail swipe. You learn to put things high up.

  • Majority of Americans Favor Federal Action to Relieve Medical Debt: Poll
  • They don't think of working class people as people.

    They're things, abstracted away from empathy.

  • Majority of Americans Favor Federal Action to Relieve Medical Debt: Poll
  • There's a solution for this: socialized medicine.

    It works literally everywhere else in the world.

  • Biden warns Trump could select two more Supreme Court justices if re-elected
  • They are playing the same game they always have: use carrots like this to get voters to the polls, and hold off on those carrots until an election year.

    The problem is that it doesn’t reliably work. Progressive voters just see three and half years of very little progress and six months of fearmongering and pandering, which causes as much or more apathy than it does engagement.

    If you look at what the Right does, by comparison, it’s interesting. They throw red meat to their base on day one, and keep it up for the entire term. They know that they need to keep the base pumped and expecting results, which is a big reason why conservative voters turn out at much higher rates: they feel listened to.

  • Is it a good idea to use KDE plasma on linux mint?
  • Doesn’t Mint use native packages where Ubuntu is snap-happy?

  • Not Likeable
  • He became the big climate change guy after he lost.

    I’d also point out that he only looks like a big climate change guy now. Back in 2000, the right wing hadn’t gone all-in on climate denialism yet. You could easily find Reagan and Bush people who didn’t think it was controversial.

  • Not Likeable
  • Gore ran to the left? The guy who picked Lieberman as his VP?

  • Not Likeable
  • Young and charismatic might mean higher taxes for the rich and more progressive policies.

    The Democratic leadership doesn’t want that. They really like the neoliberal consensus, they like having funding parity with the Republicans. They like being seen as “very serious people “ and they’re deathly afraid of being called socialists.

    The problem is that their apparatchiks all came of age, politically, in the 1990s under that same neoliberal golden age. That’s not the world they’re in anymore. They aren’t running against Bush the Elder, and cutting taxes while playing jazz isn’t going to cut it when they’re losing working class votes to fascists.

    We saw this play out horribly in the UK: where Labour’s party leaders would rather sabotage their own leader because he was too progressive then risk him winning and give socialism credibility.

    The political left really liked the 1990s, but it’s a bygo era and it isn’t coming back.

  • NDP leader says he's more alarmed after reading unredacted intelligence report
  • That would make Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre the only major party leader to refuse to obtain the necessary security clearance to read the report.

    Republicans in the US pulled this same stunt about Donald Trump's investigation: they refused to look at documents so that they could scream "Witch huuuuuunt!" with impunity.

  • Making soldiers - Can new recruitment measures halt the Canadian Forces' 'death spiral'?
  • Look, if paying people would solve the problem, we wouldn't have an issue with retaining teachers, doctors, nurses, tradespeople...

    Oh. Oh, right...