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Nuclear power explained in 12 numbers to help you understand how it fits Australia’s energy needs
  • Nuclear is difficult in Australia because of our low population. I agree it would have been nice to have some 40 year old reactors now (Lucas Heights doesn't count as it isn't a power reactor) but we don't because we don't and didn't have the population to support enough reactors for maintenance of one to not cripple the grid until small reactors were invented recently

  • Nuclear power explained in 12 numbers to help you understand how it fits Australia’s energy needs
  • Remember it's not really about building nuclear, it's about promising nuclear in a short enough timeframe to prevent investment in renewables, and then keeping the date moving steadily into the future until maybe 20 years later a reactor is built. It's about giving 20 more years to coal (and coal has the most radioactive exhaust of any power generation technology)

  • Nuclear power explained in 12 numbers to help you understand how it fits Australia’s energy needs
  • If you told people they weren't allowed to export solar anymore, so many would disconnect from the electricity grid, starting the grid death spiral where wealthy individual subscribers unsubscribe, poorer people get higher bills and it gets relatively cheaper to get solar and go off the grid, etc

    You end up with only the poorest buying electricity with government or charity money and industry using the grid

    That would be really bad for nuclear, losing the bulk of the home market

  • California socialite Rebecca Grossman sentenced to 15 to life for killing 2 kids in crosswalk
  • You're right, but it's going to take time to fix America's roads. Right now the prosecution of people who fail to follow the road rules and cause death and injury will have to do as an example that may make the next reckless person hopefully think twice

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • Are you in the industry, 'cause that doesn't ring true to me. Why would you spend the energy to evaporate water when it's so cheap and easy to dump the water on the petunia patch?

    Refrigerators collect waste water in a tray on the assumption that the indoor climate will be dry enough for the water to ambient evaporate

    Air con is incredibly popular in the tropics where it's dropping 100% RH to 30% and making a lot of water

  • Meat eating extends human life expectancy

    We all know this, but this might be a good article to share with friends and relatives, it's two years old, but I hadn't seen it before.

    TLDR: University of Adelaide (in Australia) scientists examined meat eating in cultures world wide, and found that more meat correlates with longer life.

    They point out that previous research efforts indicating meat causes bad health are badly designed and suspect on the face of them, but even more suspect with this study


    [Bug/Feature request] Remember user hidden comments

    When I refresh a post, all the comments I have hidden become unhidden

    When I comment, all the comments I have hidden are unhidden

    Please make remember hidden comments, ideally f forever, but at least for the session. The current state of hidden comments is frustrating

    Reddit Enhancement Suite for example keeps hidden stuff hidden, and annotates the root hidden comments with a count of new unread comments above them