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Future Battlefield game aiming for ‘the most realistic destruction effects in the industry’
  • BC2 still flourished with destroyed environments. The level wasn't completely flattened in every match, and it really felt like you were part of some epic battle. It was the perfect amount of "levolution". BF3 was a huge downgrade, and BF4 even more so. The Battlefield series has absolutely lost its way, and needs to stop trying to be both Siege and Call of Duty at the same time.

  • Looking for a Tail Light that doesn't suck
  • I have a few Knog lights made of silicone that don/doff easily from the bike. Very convenient, bright, and water resistant. Unfortunately, I don't see the tail light model I have (Knog Skink) on their website, but that's probably because it's so old (almost 15 years old now, still working great). Their new tail lights look pretty nice and seem to be affordable.