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What do you think of this prediction?
  • Gog have been doing DRM free games for a while

    As far as I know GOG also sells drm content and Steam also sells drm-free content. So what's the point

    they'll be quite keen to fill this niche

    I also don't remember them doing anything for Linux apart from releasing a broken port then badmouthing people who complained that the game they bought is broken.

  • This is hilarious
  • Probably means modern high speed trains. Most of them run in China so yeah they likely use Linux.

    Do most of the trains in the world use Linux? Sadly no, they probably use coal.

  • TikTok sues the US government over ban
  • Just wondering why would you want to ban anything? Does banning something solve any problem that a normal person has? I mean if the ban wave is on it would be fair to ban anything that's not open source but I do think censorship is cancer.

  • I Want Better Games With Worse Graphics And I'm Not Kidding - Aftermath
  • I'd easily argue that the average AAA game from a decade ago looks just as good on a 1080/1440p display as the average AAA game today - and I'd still bet the difference wouldn't be that noticeable for 4K either.

    If you just count pixels, yes. But what really made a big step forward in this decade was the realistic animation. And it does require a lot of effort and time to make it right.

  • 'This is a Crime Ahainst Humanity': 600,000 Children in Line of Fire as IDF Moves on Rafah
  • Like how? I mean do you and people upvoting you really think there will be some trial for Israel leaders? Right now we in the situation where military support for them is increasing. And the tendency is it will increase further. What do you imagine might change?

  • Arrest of journalist Olga Fedorova (Alex Kent, New York, May 8 2024)
  • That's such a ridiculous promotion. We'll definitely beat you, yes, but they'll probably beat you even harder, so vote for us, you already used to our beating. That's domestical violence in a nutshell. And people even upvote you wtf.

  • Is Boeing in big trouble? World's largest aerospace firm faces 10 more whistleblowers after sudden death of two
  • Counterpoint. There was one whistleblower killed, there are lots of people on this case like Boeing staff, government employees, the police, senators, the president, who haven't done shit. Now there are two murders. Any of the people who SHOULD be doing something about it doing anything? No. Now there are 12 brave people against the thousands of shit people.