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Were living in the 21st century — let's learn to pick up our own trash
  • by us (not in canada, but your shittier southern neighbour), it’s all beer cans.

    like, bad enough you’re driving while chugging a tallboy of natty ice, but you gotta throw it in our yard on your way by, too?

    i shouldn’t be surprised that the venn diagram is a circle, but for some reason i always am.

  • Companion plants
  • full disclosure i do not grow - but i do consider myself an avid gardener/nature enjoyer.

    assume you’re talking about outside - i’ve heard good things about pest repellent plants to keep…more important…things safe. things like cilantro, parsley and dill are supposed to have pest repellant properties. edit to fix typos

    flowers like chrysanthemums and marigolds attract ladybugs and other pest killers.

    things like chives also allegedly have antifungal(?) properties.

    if you’re talking not outside, i agree with shareni - cover crops are great. i buy a 1lb bag of mustard seed every year and sprinkle that shit everywhere and then let it grow/die/fertilise the soil.

  • What Happens If Israel Goes To War With Iran?
  • and just like any other excuse, aren’t we beholden to call it out for the benefit of all?

    instead, like capitalism, we seem to shrug and say “that’s just how humans are lol” while we go back to killing each other over money or made up stories from 2000 years ago.

    just like in therapy/recovery/etc, don’t we have to acknowledge(and i mean actually reflect on) the problem (organised religion, in this case) before anything gets better?

  • Amazon’s Fallout has been renewed for season 2
  • i finished it and i agree. i liked TLOU (show and lesser extent game), but Fallout had enough of the game’s…surreal?…humour that it bumped it from an “oh god this is a slog through human misery” (not in a bad way, per se!) to “miserable, but with bits of unexpected hilarity” for me.

    both great shows - hope we get more like them!

  • Letting grass grow long boosts butterfly numbers, UK study proves
  • i think the common response to that (biased, cause this is what we do in my lawn) is that by letting things get wilder, more natural tick predators come out as well - possum, snake, bird, etc.

    that being said, i’ve had to pick a few off me…the price for wild turkeys flocking in my yard is one i’m willing to pay!

    edit:changed your to my to clarify!

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets Into God Debate With Terminally Ill Child in Make-A-Wish Gone Awry
  • it’s cinema sins but with the “he’s an astrophysicist so he must know what he’s talking about”

    when an otherwise smart guy spends his time nitpicking…movies?…he comes across as the friend you wouldn’t want to go to the movies with, no?

    you can argue that the hate might be “over the top” (and i tend to agree), but that mfer comes across as straight insufferable - in that if i had a choice i wouldn’t want to be around him - so i can empathise.

    edit: i’m sure there’s more, but i’m struggling to come up with any other scientist who spends their time saying “haha that ben affleck movie about oil drillers isn’t scientifically accurate!?!?” instead of, you know, positively impacting/selling their field of study.

  • Trump hush-money trial: Juror excused over concerns identity made public - BBC News
  • maybe a middle ground -

    he (ie trump) and his team have done the slow walk and delay for everything we’ve seen publicly regarding legal matters. everything takes so much longer than it needs to (and then it’s a problem), so perhaps years of empirical evidence leads to an educated guess.

  • I want to live
  • i think it depends on your (not literally your!) definition of “respect,” no?

    i respect complete strangers right to live their lives and try to follow the golden rule, but i feel like people who say “respect is earned” mean you have to beg to be treated like a person on equal person-footing.

    i’m also not going to invite random people (or new neighbors, say) into my house for tea right off the bat, though. some might consider that disrespectful. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Do you watch every episode, or do you stop at a certain season?
  • i’ve watched them all - and i definitely agree with what seems to be the overall feeling: season 10 starts the decline.

    that being said, there are plenty of good and fine ones in the middle 20 (lol) to make the watch decent. i also think the newer seasons (maybe the past 3,4?) have more winners than the shows had for a while.

    i think the only episodes that i find truly objectionable are the ones built entirely around either a real-life ‘celebrity’ or have a real life ‘celebrity’ play a character that is pivotal…those episodes i just don’t really watch (few exceptions, of course - i like the 24 spoof with kiefer sutherland and a few more)

  • Beyoncé Becomes First Black Woman to Nab Number One Country Album With 'Cowboy Carter'
  • just to tack on come context from wikipedia -

    “"Cowboy" was first used in print in 1725, and was used in the British Isles from 1820 to 1850 to describe young boys who tended the family or community cows.”

    not to say it might have taken on some racial connotations later (or, in fact, if we believe swift’s words literally), but i’m not sure it’s 100%.

  • Twitter/X Comment About Baltimore Mayor Shows How Racists Now Use 'DEI' Instead Of The N-Word
  • my read was that by putting “banning” in quotes, there was a subtext to the comment.

    no one is “banning” words - the milieu is that we don’t use certain words for certain (in this case obvious and terrible) reasons.

    by pushing the focus to the “banning” and not the obvious dog whistle, this comment seems to be shifting the convo away from people being racist shits to a discussion on language.

    hence this entire comment chain.

    i just want people to get the takeaway that jesus fuck people are racist, not “liberals can’t ban words, see?”

  • Star Trek on Paramount Plu's
  • i’ve taken to watching one episode of ds9, one of voy, and one of snw a week, and i can’t agree more. i don’t even notice the resolution on the old two, it’s just how star trek is in my head from growing up - it feels right.

    plus, too many rlm episodes where they show all the production equipment and mistakes that nobody noticed until the (ratio?) changed to widescreen, haha - i know it’s not the same as upscaling, but i don’t trust the studios/distributors 😂

  • Should there have been a Voyager episode or two after they got home?
  • my gut reaction was: absolutely not, the show was about the journey, not some schlocky wrap-up where everyone hugs their family and dogs and whatnot.

    edited to add: the part i liked was that they were their family - and my gut says that it would cheapen the ship relationships by bringing everyone right back to where they were 5 years ago. end edit

    but you’re right, i think, that the ending really was kinda abrupt - “so nice to see everyone,” borg go boom, end of 7 seasons.

    in retrospect, i’ve seen trek do some good homecoming episodes, so maybe a final close out ala picard’s season finale wouldn’t have been so bad - a nice group goodbye after 150+ episodes.