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ppb1701 Patrick

Software Engineer from Tennessee. I enjoy #gaming, #SteamDeck, #Disney, #StarWars, #StarTrek, and #SciFi (not in a particular order). You can also catch me over at @[email protected]

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For anyone using Ghostery on their devices
  • I've had the extension for a years and basically forgot about it but boy was it eye opening to see all the blocked requests it throws on adguard home. Not as bad as microsoft trying phone home but it's noticeable. (I've since removed it)

  • Netflix Starts Booting Subscribers Off Cheapest Basic Ads-Free Plan
  • Not sure if it'd work on Netflix but my wife were pleasantly surprised to A&E and History apps on our apple tv suddenly forgetting how to do ads after I set up adguard home with a few extra filter lists...I did have to ok a few things the list blocked. But the apps work and seem to be adless, at least for now.

  • Microsoft really wants Local accounts gone after it erases its guide on how to create them
  • the better to farm your information to advertise too you and try to tie you in to more subscriptions.

  • Good AdBlock for Safari?
  • Adguard, blocks most everything. Add their dns/adguard home on it and it's pretty solid.

  • Pornhub to block two more states over age verification laws
  • And two more states are soon to have a massive uptick in VPN usage.

  • The Mac vs. PC war is back on?
  • You can also use Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iCloud, etc to send files back and forth.

  • Squirrel with a Gun - Announcement Trailer
  • That is both hilarious, amazing, and messed up 🤣

  • Big Tech to EU: "Drop Dead"
  • Where they lose totally though is the off service data harvesting that isn’t even remotely “implied okay”

  • Big Tech to EU: "Drop Dead"
  • On meta’s while it is flagrant screw you, they may have a valid argument. Human beings don’t actually need any kind of social media to survive, ergo it is a convenience or luxury that could be charged for.

    I’m certainly not agreeing with them, but they may be banking on that style argument and their ungodly amount of money to fight it.

  • Is Your Phone Listening to You? | NOVA
  • Yes, yes they do. My wife's phone does this all the time, Talk about something, even random or sometimes from a tv show. In minutes she has instagram or youtube ads about the very thing.

  • OpenAI strikes Reddit deal to train its AI on your posts
  • Everyone wants a piece of the AI pie....

  • Stack Overflow Users Are Revolting Against an OpenAI Deal | WIRED
  • Oh I was referring to for profit. Should have specified. I’m used to using that when meta screws over their users.

  • Stack Overflow Users Are Revolting Against an OpenAI Deal | WIRED
  • If it’s free online, you are the product

  • Ghost Of Tsushima PSN Account Linking Requirements Prove Sony Learnt Nothing From Helldivers 2
  • I disagree, they learned not to have it, drop it, and re add it months later. What they failed to learn is the problem was also short of some cross play requirements, people on pc don’t want yet another account requirement.

  • Microsoft is testing Game Pass ads on the Windows 11 Settings homepage
  • Could these please stop dropping more ads on the ui🙄. That and forced copilot make loath using windows.