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U.S. Bans Imports From 3 Chinese Companies Over Ties to Forced Labor
  • Yet the overwhelming majority of the time, they've committed a crime. There may be systematic issues in the justice system, and US that lead to the higher conviction rates/arrest rates, but we have the right to appeal, the right to representation, and our criminal justice system is regularly investigated and publicized.

    On the flip side, on a mass scale in Xinjiang, people are being systematically targeted, sterilized, tortured, being forced to work, etc. solely because of their culture and skin color.

    The two systems are very different. Two things can be bad, and one of those bad things can be substantially worse. It's like wondering why Texas will execute a serial killer, but not someone who punched someone at a bar. Both things are bad, but the scale is completely different.

  • U.S. Bans Imports From 3 Chinese Companies Over Ties to Forced Labor
  • Having the red line as genocide, or as slavery from the buying and selling of people feels like a pretty safe line to have. Blocking goods is a very serious move in international relations.

    The US justice system is not inherently racist, it's systematically racist, which isn't good, but is a different thing. Nearly every person in the US prison system is there because they committed a crime. The people in Xinjiang did nothing but have the wrong culture and skin color. It's still a false equivalency.

    Anyone can involve themselves and investigate the US court system, they can file complaints, they can sue for unfair treatment etc. International monitors are barred from Xinjiang.

  • U.S. Bans Imports From 3 Chinese Companies Over Ties to Forced Labor
  • Forcing prisoners to repay a debt to society through labor, and forcing the minority you're actively genociding to produce goods feel like two very different things.

    I strongly disagree with US prison labor, and our prison system's focus on punishment and repayment rather than actually correcting the behaviors, but it's legal by the US constitution.

    The US DoL has an article on the situation with these laborers in China.

  • Florida sticks by social studies standard teaching ‘benefit’ of slavery
  • Fascinating!

    It's absolutely a topic worth discussing and considering from a college or advanced high school level perspective imo as there is debate to be had. IDK if you saw it, the article I linked does discuss a lot of the benefits, and it discusses a lot of the downsides to those benefits. Like cotton from the south was definitely cheaper, but putting all their eggs into the slave estate basket meant they didn't have a well developed industrial base, which you can see caused them a lot of issues in the civil war. It was also bad from their overall economy.

  • What are our freedoms doing in Kuwait?
  • Yeah, I definitely feel like the Afghanistan war gets a way worse rep than it deserves since Iraq happened right after.

    Sure, we left the country and the Taliban regained power, but Al-Queda is basically a non-threat these days. Osama is dead, most of their leadership is dead, their training and infrastructure is mostly gone, etc. etc.

  • What are our freedoms doing in Kuwait?
  • When the west does trade and globalism with a 2nd or 3rd world nation, it's actually imperial colonialism. When Russia and China do imperial colonialism, it's actually for their national security, and the betterment of the world or something, idk.

  • Groundhog day
  • It really is hard to put Republican assholery on a scale of "worst in our lifetime".

    GWB got us in multiple multiple decade long wars.

    Mitt Romney or Dick Cheney might have turned the great recession into another great depression.

    Trump nearly got us into another full blown recession, got rid of Roe V Wade, tried to overturn Democracy, and nearly got us into a war with Iran.

    Trump this time around will try to overturn Democracy again, might bring back the full blown recession we almost had, will let Russia steamroll Ukraine, will support Israel harder than any US president, etc. etc.

  • US finds five Israeli military units guilty of 'gross human rights violations'
  • For some more context, the article says four of the five units have remedied their issues, and the State Department is working with the Israeli government to remedy the issue with the fifth unit. I'm not sure what they mean by "remedy", but I'm assuming they mean punishing the individuals responsible or something.