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North Korea drops balloons carrying trash in South
  • Not rude. Per the article, this is North Korea's response to groups in South Korea sending balloons with propaganda leaflets and stuff (unsolicited care packages, basically) north. It seems they feel the south isn't doing enough to prevent these.

    It seems more childish than diabolical, but I would do the same probably as a last resort. Like throwing somebody's McDonald's bag back into their car.

  • [SwayNC] Colorful gruvbox matching my Niri rice
  • I've been using niri for work for a little while and it's great. I've been wanting this functionality for a couple years, but I wasn't really in a place to hack it into i3. I'm glad someone's done the work and it's good.

    I'd like to be able to drag windows with the mouse, as there are a lot of movement shortcuts to try and remember for two monitors, but otherwise I've had very few issues switching.

  • Perpetual Motion finally achieved!
  • I suspect there are a lot of "Rust devs" that are little more than kool-aid drinkers. Common refrains are that Rust is the fastest language, most type-safe language, and most powerful language. Rust certainly seems to move the state of the art forward in some ways, but you can still write garbage code in it.

    I've worked with lots of different people in lots of different languages, and I think I'd rather good people in a bad language than the other way around by a mile.

  • Safety Razor, what do I need to think about?
  • I got a handle on amazon and it came with blades. You don't need anything special, I literally just bought the cheapest ones, but I have found it helpful to change disposable blades just about every time I shave. Maybe there expensive ones that I could use for longer, but at this point I already have enough blades to last me about 5 years.

    I actually now use a cheap straight razor that takes disposable blades, and the shave is noticeably the best I've ever had. It is time consumung, though.

  • How do you store your grounded coffee?
  • I've had that grinder for about ten years now and I bang that basket on the knockbox everyday and it's doing okay, but I get what you mean. The hopper lid has a crack in it from falling not very hard a while ago, so I think it might just be luck of the draw as to whether one gets a fragile plastic piece.

    Watch, I'm sure the basket will shatter tomorrow, now. But the good news would be that I don't think they sell replacement parts for it anymore, so I guess I'd have to upgrade.