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What game has a great story and is worth the time investment?
  • MGS2 will blow your mind. This scene from MGS2 has been living rent-free in my mind since I first saw it as a teen when MGS2 came out.

    Remember, this game came out around 2000. The internet was just starting to become relevant back then.

  • What game has a great story and is worth the time investment?
  • The only problem with starting Baldur's Gate 3 now is that it's gonna be a crazy high bar for everything that comes after.

    But if you want a great story that's affected by your decisions and character, it's a great place to go.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Actual marketer here. It's pretty easy to fudge the results no matter what promo code you give the influencer.

    In the case of an online store like this, the store itself will have accurate records of coupon code usage. However, unless you also issue backoffice accounts to the influencer for viewing reports or have a proper affiliate system, reports are usually issued in pdf or some other document format. You can just say whatever you want in those.

    Hence why it's a total "trust me bro" move. There is no way for the influencer to personally verify the numbers. Well, I guess unless you specifically make those purchases yourself.

    The scheme we see here definitely reeks of the "nope you didn't hit the quota" excuse down the line.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I'm from a blue collar family and the fact that they're sitting there with functioning limbs, often among locals without is disgusting beyond belief.

    How can you sit there and ask for help when you are perfectly capable of helping yourself? And how dare you take away from the locals who need the money way more than you can ever imagine?

  • [RANT] I've had enough of half-baked bullshit being sold with Scotch Tape.
  • So I'm not alone when I freaked out this morning because a file refused to save in Excel this morning. From what I can surmise, some kind of onedrive issue.

    I'm using Office cause compatibility hassles are more annoying that the occasional dumb thing from MS. But these dumb things are slowly becoming less occasional.

  • Anime platysalty

    No dude, that's Gambit


    Need to bring something out with you tomorrow? Physically block the front door with the thing tonight!

    ADHD here. Remembering things is a lost cause for me.

    Instead, I lay physical "traps" for myself. Things in physical space that hinder my autopilot, snap me out of the trance, and give me a chance to reorient my focus into something more productive.

    It's not foolproof. Far from it. But it does help a lot.


    Just thought of another one I do: I have a phone casing that lets me keep cards in them. One of my credit cards go there, of course.

    But the more important thing in there is my apartment access card. If I ever forget to bring my phone, I will only get as far as the security door outside before I realise I have to turn back.

    Data Hoarder platysalty

    Unsealed Toshiba MG drives?

    So I ordered a 20TB drive from an online seller, and they sent me a photo to assure me they had ready stock and would send out the next day.

    I immediately noticed that there's no sealed anti-static bag that a hdd would usually come in. I shot off a message to the seller asking why this is the case, waiting for their response.

    In the meantime I'd like to check if anyone else here has gotten 20TB MGs, and whether yours came with or without the usual sealed bag.

    Searching has brought up only one answer from a long time ago.

    Trying to figure out if seller is trying to screw me, or if there's a new type of sealing I'm not aware of