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Google AI making up recalls that didn’t happen
  • The same people who didn't understand that Google uses a SEO algorithm to promote sites regardless of the accuracy of their content, so they would trust the first page.

    If people don't understand the tools they are using and don't double check the information from single sources, I think it's kinda on them. I have a dietician friend, and I usually get back to him after doing my "Google research" for my diets... so much misinformation, even without an AI overview. Search engines are just best effort sources of information. Anyone using Google for anything of actual importance is using the wrong tool, it isn't a scholar or research search engine.

  • Germany Wants EU Push to End Last 20% of Russia Energy Imports
  • I'm really confused...Are they downvoting me because Germany did not change nuclear with fossils? That's what everyone was saying in the news... I'm not European... Sorry if I'm not up to date with German politics.... It was literally a question. Lemmy is so toxic.

  • Google AI making up recalls that didn’t happen
  • It really depends on the type of information that you are looking for. Anyone who understands how LLMs work, will understand when they'll get a good overview.

    I usually see the results as quick summaries from an untrusted source. Even if they aren't exact, they can help me get perspective. Then I know what information to verify if something relevant was pointed out in the summary.

    Today I searched something like "Are owls endangered?". I knew I was about to get a great overview because it's a simple question. After getting the summary, I just went into some pages and confirmed what the summary said. The summary helped me know what to look for even if I didn't trust it.

    It has improved my search experience... But I do understand that people would prefer if it was 100% accurate because it is a search engine. If you refuse to tolerate innacurate results or you feel your search experience is worse, you can just disable it. Nobody is forcing you to keep it.

  • Humanity making progress like it always does
  • I was thinking the other day that we no longer see bugs around the house I grew up in. When I was a kid my house was always full of bugs, we live next to a protected natural area, so it was impossible to keep them out. Anyways, I've always loved bugs so they were welcome. I moved out and whenever I go there are no animals to be seen. I can't even hear birds or see iguanas walking around. It's so disturbing.

  • CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information
  • You can have human-level conversations with a tool. I don't get your point. Just because it doesn't have full human intelligence doesn't mean it isn't good at conversation. It is better at conversation than most humans. It is obviously not smarter than a human, but it is more eloquent and has more general knowledge than the average human.

    We are the first humans who can have a human level conversation with something that is not a human. What do you think human conversations look like? They are not very deep in general.

    Pretty funny you think you convinced me it is a tool when I just showed you like 8 different ways I use it as a tool.

    I literally started this thing saying that even if it isn't perfect, it is pretty good and it a crazy achievement. You just keep saying it is worthless shit, but that's not true. Just because the tool isn't perfect it doesn't mean that it is worthless or it isn't an achievement.

    But whatever man... You just want to be right, so take your imaginary trophy and walk away.

  • Hardware device to guarantee direct play with ASS and PGS subs

    Any recommended hardware device to ensure that I won't need to transcode in order to burn ASS and PGS subtitles?

    Right now I have a FireTV but it only direct plays SRT.


    SLPT: Before taking what you think is the biggest shit of your life in the restroom of someone you barely know, make yourself a favor and flush the toilet once to make sure it is functional.

    It's a good tip, but shitty.

    This just happened to me in the guest bathroom of someone I barely knew. The bathroom was meters away from the meeting.

    Never. Again.