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pff who needs tent
  • You know I did it because I wanted to try it. I may end up with different set up when I will mess with it a little.

    Yeah and the wall in the background looks like this from the other side.

  • When you need higher firing position from. your "Řopík"


    pff who needs tent

    How it looks inside:


    So I didn't post any unsolicited bunker pic in a while.
  • OP here I thought that this may bubble here.

    In a last 3 days I rode along Austria-Czechia borders. If you want I can post more here. (I have even double-deck bunker from flood plain near Bratislava and some more irregular ones).

  • From my last post you can probably guess on which EuroVelo I am.
  • I bought EU stamp in Slavonice and another more fitting postcard. When I get my mobile back from charger (in pub) I will send you a picture. I now post from my "mapping" phone (old s6 with maps and few apps)

  • From my last post you can probably guess on which EuroVelo I am.

    I just bought few postcards so first correct guess can decide where I will send it (I don't have stamps yet).


    So I didn't post any unsolicited bunker pic in a while.

    ~50 km away another (same type) bike for comparison


    And small earlier type (~1936)


    Full Timelapse, Canvas Poster, Database Dump | Canvas 2024
  • Thanks, DM of the few pixels I placed (mostly randomly- there is cool art I can help with fill, I am bored so I will extend the trans flag...) would be highly appreciated.

    I would be surprised if there are more than 20 of my pixels on the final canvas.

  • How long does your country need to appoint a government after election
  • 1-2 months, by law after 1 month there has to be parliament meeting that gives majority support to government, if it don't give support then another party gets to make government, after that another election.

    It depends on the situation, usually the coalition potential is known in advance so it is usually quick.

  • What's the goriest movie you have watched?
  • The end of Once upon a time in Hollywood took me by a surprise, but it's probably not the goriest. I don't usually watch these types of films, I like that Tarantino has his style and the paint job of a car in Pulp Fiction is great.

  • Hiding from storm


    ballet rule


    One downside of cycle routes made from unused railways.

    My first thought was that it is a stick, but then I saw that it's moving.



    What is optimal price category for bike?

    So I have "new" bike (subjectively) about 9 months. And I spent about 2000 € on it (bike, and some accessories - rack, bags...) and I can tell that it is lot of bike for not that much money.

    So now when I look back I can't see it as "expensive" bike, just as reasonably priced for its purpose. I use it every day to commute and as bikepacking/touring bike so now it has ~6000 km.

    So how much are you willing to spend on bike?

    Edit: So I read your comments and I probably need to clarify little bit.

    • I use the bike for everything instead of car so even nicer more expensive bike for me is justifiable.
    • I also think that the bike industry is bonkers right now about shiny new expensive things.
    • For me there is few types of riders and all parties try to upsell them some shit, there aren't any 500€ bike with flat bars and rigid fork where I am. All of the bikes at this price point have shitty suntour fork, bad saddle, useless pedals and shitty tires. From my perspective they are expensive on the parts that don't matter and cheap out on stuff that matters. If someone sell something like that (flat bar gravel with quality parts where it matters) it would be gamechanger.
    • I had to build my bike, nothing like that (full steel gravel/bikepacking/do it all bike) wasn't on the market/second hand market. It add to the price a bit. And it was about month before the prices get down to reasonable levels after pandemic.

    I present to you bike on which someone wanted to ride 600km bike tour.

    Just a rundown what is wrong on it:

    • totally destroyed drive train (cassette, chain, chainrings)
    • wheels aren't true/ lose spokes
    • rear derailleur is loose (I couldn't tighten some bolts) and has bad springs
    • bent V brakes (I don't know how he managed to do that)

    If you want to know how the trip went look in to [email protected]


    Totally unplanned trip

    So few weeks ago my friend told me that he and 2 of his friends are planning trip to Slovenia. I was interested because I could get week off and ride with them.

    Then I learned more about the trip, these guys didn't know what are they doing- first they planned to go there and back in a week ~170 km / day (I told them that it isn't possible), then they planned to take some trains along the route (they didn't checked if they take bikes...). Then I just told them that they are doing it for the first time so don't complicate it - start from home and see where you can go and adjust the route on the road.

    So we started from Brno with plan to get to Břeclav, join EV13 and ride south to Hungary border and then go west to Graz.

    At the start I saw for the first time all our bikes - my bike on which I have ~6000km, my friend with borrowed older mountain bike properly maintained, one pretty new mountain bike but small 26' wheels (the guy is taller than me) without rack so he had backpack, short guy with 29' new mountain bike and guy who "planned" this trip on really old road bike with flat bars (standard frame from 80's that was made in all sorts of bikes).

    They didn't have some gear and reserve inner tubes... so first stop was local decathlon.


    I planned the route for the first day so we had all possible terrain, good thing I did that because the old 80's bike got bent back wheel, I was like ok fortunately I have tool for centering wheels on my multitool but unfortunately I never done it. I was able to get it to not touch the frame (yes it was that bad) but discovered that the bike was in worse shape than I anticipated - bent rear V brake, totally cooked drive train, bad wheels...

    So for the second time we scratch route and wanted to go to Bratislava. We started the second day on Austrian side of EV 13 and we intended to take ferry half way to Slovakian side of Morava river. Unfortunately because high winds and higher levels of water ferry didn't operate.


    Scratched route again, we ended up on campsite in Petronell-Carnuntum. But before we get there we had to center the wheel again. At the time I was little bit pissed and I didn't wanted to ride somewhere where isn't train connection so he can get home if the bike falls apart. We agreed to go to Vienna and see where to go from there.

    At the campsite there was French family with 4 kids bike touring. I chatted with them and they started in France 2 months ago and will probably end in Budapest.

    On the third day everything was without a hiccup, we got to Vienna, pitched tents and got to look around there. The guy with 29' mountain bike which was too big for him went home because of back pain (surprise!). And I snatched this pick of the camp area (it is bad but you can clearly see that nearly every tent has bike next to it).


    Some of us wanted to go home early so from week trip it became 4 day trip. We get on EV 9 back to Břeclav.

    I took some photos for eco minded people:


    And some for the the petrol heads:


    5 km before Břeclav I fell, I will be all right but I will have to find somewhere these condoms to repair my leavers.


    All in all I would categorize this trip as a experience, not bad. I was able to test some gear, new bags that I bought because I have borrowed ones and my friend needed them back, that it is possible to use alcohol stove...


    This guy was chilling in the middle of road.


    Do you check historic brewerys?

    So I recently visited brewery with 100yo technology and what struck me most was how little has changed.

    Now you basically have only differences in driving the brewery - electromotors instead of steam engines and transmissions.

    Basic technology like 2 tanks - one for boiling and mashing, other for sparge and leaving decoction parts (with perforated bottom) - is same to this day.

    Other thing that's different is cooling, you now have coolers for quickly cooling wort and cooled tanks. Instead of shallow baths where the wort is pooled to cool and putting ice to cellars.

    So did you checked some historical brewerys with copper tanks and stuff like this? Did it make you change or adjust your brewing setup? Did you learn anything?


    On Friday it was about 31°C and high humidity, so I opted to shorten my route.

    This "sauna" weather isn't the best for bikepacking, I had to take breaks pretty often. There is cherry season so you always find "reason" to stop for some "snack".



    How it looks like at the Spyware conference in Prague. Pronikli jsme na veletrh ISS World Prague. Sponzoruje ho firma pod sankcemi USA – Page Not Found

    V tom hotelu je tolik špionážní techniky, že chvílemi při prezentacích kolísá internetové připojení. Do Prahy se opět sjeli na "ples odposlouchávačů" stovky delegátů z celého světa. Novinářům a širší veřejnosti byl tradičně vstup znemožněn. Reportér Page 404 se tam i přes zákaz dostal a mohl se proj...

    "They don't let reporters in here!" At an event paid for by a U.S. government blacklisted spy firm. I wonder how many years in a row I'll be able to infiltrate ISS World Prague, since I always post a hilarious photo. (Czech language, can be translated via Deepl)

    If you can give @[email protected] subscribe. I just stole it from there.


    What are some tips, tricks and good advice for bikepacking/touring in your country/region?

    This post may be used as resource for others so try to structure it somehow. Share whatever you think will be useful- links, local knowledge, interesting places, routes, maps...

    Microblog Memes plactagonic

    Alien pickup

    More context here:


    So I was buying new rack...

    And I looked at what I can add to have free shipping. After I told my mum that they have unicycles she told me: "It will be f-ing awesome, buy it."

    So as responsible, grown up man I am now owner of unicycle.

    (Here you can see how I tested the rack)


    Some photos I took on my weekend trip.

    I didn't check the route and miss the second defensive line near Pohořelice so no bunkers this time.

    Because of high solar activity there was aurora visible even at my location. But my Samsung ai did heavy lifting there it looked more like light smog.

    Second photo is of last building still standing after construction of our nuclear plant and demolition of 3 vilages.

    The third photo is of stream crossing that really suprased me, steep downhill then breaks, off the bike to check for rocks to not end up in it.

    I don't take much photos so this is all I got.


    Rack suggestions.

    I am looking for new rear rack. I currently have old rack that I got with my first bike (about 20 years ago) so it shows its age.

    I considered 2 options:

    • aluminum rack
    • cheaper option, they are everywhere
    • CrMo steel rack
    • durability, weight, less probability of corrosion of my CrMo frame.

    So if you have some specific suggestions I would like to read them. I was looking at Tubus racks (grand tour and Logo) and some Decathlon options.

    13 Sun Trip: the world on solar bikes! - SLRPNK

    >Adventurers on solar bikes choosing their course through Eurasia. Inspired by unassisted yacht races around the world, the Sun Trip is writing a new page in the world of overland adventures. >The Sun Trip is a showcase for new forms of mobility. Each adventurer is an ambassador of solar energy and ...

    I think this may fit here, some of these setups are pretty sick.