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I am working on fedi software that is hoping to allow Kodi, Plex and Popcorn Time get rid of IMDb/TMDB dependency. Dm me if you're skilled in SvelteKit and/or Go, especially the Fiber framework, or machine learning with Rust and willing to contribute.

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For those who are job searching, how's the market been for you lately?
  • Similar observation here, after 7 months of absolute hell of financial difficulties and humiliation forcing me to move back in with my folks I literally went to having a possibility of overemployment or being picky again literally over a couple of weeks which also gives me hope that compensation will finally start to catch up to the inflation.
    Wonder why is that, but I would guess it might be that overzealous layoffs motivated by short-term bump in stock price started backfiring, especially considering the maintainability of so many, many commercial projects where turnover absolutely does not help.

    Though I wouldn't count my chickens before they hatch, the system is abso-fucking-lutely not rational and the global economy is on a path of going from crisis to crisis.

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  • the real question is whether you use git variants. Which is another way of not making arch (and Gentoo) certainly not free as in free beer, especially if you live in Europe and need to deal with those outrageous energy prices. btw imo one should be suspicious of projects with long tagged release cadence since it's usually a sign of technical debt and the need to look for alternatives.

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  • The X server has to be the biggest program I've ever seen that doesn't do anything for you.
    Ken Thompson

    I see Wayland's flaws but X is such a bloated piece of hardly maintainable spaghetti code that it is sadly beyond saving or prospects for anything in terms of significant improvement

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  • well in this particular case it's initramfs' fault for not designing for all-or-nothing atomicity (a operation either completes fully or not at all). which you can work around with a terminal multiplexer where a session can be re-attached later in such cases btw.

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  • well in my experience it was opensuse tumbleweed or Manjaro that were significantly less stable, but perhaps my perception is a little bit skewed since I use artix and it's certainly not too rarely just the bloated, tightly coupled nature of shitstemd that causes some of arch's issues.

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    Alt text: O'RLY? generated book cover with a donkey, navy blue accent, header: "It's only free if you don't value your time", title: "Handling Arch Linux Failures", subtitle: "Mom, please cancel my today's agenda!"


    Not really sure whether S-expressions or Python indentation-based scoping get more hate...

    ...from people who seem to refuse to install paredit or coloring plugins for either? ps lisp syntax ftw, it's a feature!


    Clojure "advertisement" Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    Alternative links: YT Tubo Invidious Piped 0 Piped 1


    HOI4 mod concept: The Dragon Awakens

    Would anyone here be perhaps interested in developing an alternative history mod for HOI4 where the Chinese revolution of 1925 resulted in early unification of China under communist rule, leaving it in much better position to defend itself against Japan? Might also make USA even more reluctant to join the war as Japan could be much more easily left in no position to wage the Pacific War.

    Might even take a spin off the Soviet opposition paths, especially focuses like "The Committee in Exile" if China decides to split from the Soviets via it's focus tree and serve as a base for launching a coup in the USSR (think Polish or Lithuanian monarchist path mechanics).


    Referentially transparent and declarative framework?

    I currently use Svelte in my main personal project but while enjoying it's relatively concise, declarative syntax, I don't really like how it's not always easy or even possible to do stuff without relying on shared state and I think that's bad. So I started looking into Elm, but it seems to require a significant portion of boilerplate and somewhat more procedural code, which surprised me, considering how Haskell is often notably more concise than C. Is there anything that is somewhat like Elm, i.e. functional, but without being overly verbose?

    Edit: I'd also prefer bundle sizes no larger or marginally larger than with Svelte and decent noscript support, at least on par with Vue or HTMX.