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79 percent of Democrats approve of Harris replacing Biden if he steps aside: Poll
  • I mean, at this point, she's polling better than him without campaigning. Once she starts campaigning those numbers will only go up. In terms of beating Trump, she's an improvement. In terms of being an inspiring candidate with progressive ideals...I guess you could argue it's a lateral move.

  • 32 percent of Americans believe a military regime or authoritarian leader would be a good way of governing the country.
  • Weird coincidence, but have you noticed how Trump's approval, when it's at its absolute lowest, always hovers around 32%?

  • Behind the Curtain: Top Dems now believe Biden will exit
  • Yes, that would be a great move. Honestly, even if they've pretty much decided it Harris, they should keep it open and hold a few small debates. As long as all the candidates agreed not to go negative, it would keep the Democrats in the news cycle right up until their convention.

  • Biden to push for Supreme Court ethics reform, term limits and amendment to overturn immunity ruling, sources say
  • This is what drives me crazy about Biden; 2 years ago, the Supreme Court overturns Roe, Biden says, "this must not be the final word," but does nothing to reign in the court. 1 year ago, the Supreme Court ends affirmative action, Biden says, "this is not a normal court," but rejects calls expand the court. Now, the Supreme Court has effectively given the President immunity from all crimes, he finally comes up with a set of decent court reforms, 4 months before the election, when his political position is at the weakest it's been for his entire presidency. He's such a blind institutionalist that he allowed an American institution to wage war on America's government and its people for almost his entire term before he got serious about doing anything about it.

  • The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • I mean, fair enough, and it's not like trying to get leftists and liberals to work together will hurt. I'm just saying, don't worry too much about those divisions, as they tend to work themselves out; worry about voter turnout. There are also things you can do to help with that, like volunteering to give rides with Souls to the Pools or Carpool Vote.

  • The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • I'm sorry, but this really isn't true. Almost everyone here, leftist or liberal, is going to vote, and the vast majority of them are going to vote for Biden. There will be some protest votes, especially in safe states, but if you care enough to post on a left-leaning political group, you care enough to try to block Trump.

    The people that will cost Biden the election are the people who don't argue online. They support the Democrats (or at least oppose the Republicans), but they don't always vote. They probably live in a state without mail-in voting, they probably live paycheck to paycheck, and they really just don't have a lot of spare time. They'll go to the polls if they think it's really important or they're very enthusiastic about the candidate, but if not, they'd rather rest or get a load of laundry done before work tomorrow, because it's not that important anyway. The Democrats need to find a way to get those people out if they want to win.

  • Donald Trump does not get post-shooting poll boost
  • We need to worry about motivation, not polls. Very few people will change their minds about the candidates, but many of them will change their minds about voting. Some percentage of likely voters will always stay home. That percentage is going to be much lower for people whose candidate survived an assassination attempt.

  • Democrats Need to Wake Up From Their ‘West Wing’ Fantasy
  • "Listen Jack, the thing about America is... what you gotta understand, is when the British, with the tyranny, I mean, c' can't just fascism."

  • Democrats Need to Wake Up From Their ‘West Wing’ Fantasy
  • Bending the truth is pretending that Biden didn't insist that the filibuster was important and refused to call for it to be abolished for a full 2 years into his presidency. He spent the first two years convincing himself he was a brilliant negotiator who was going to break through partisan gridlock, and when he finally realized he couldn't get voting rights through (because of course Republicans don't want voting rights) he finally called for it to be abolished...sort of, because he still wanted the verbal filibuster to be an option. Probably because he watched too much West Wing and thought it would make a cool Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-like scene.

  • Democrats Need to Wake Up From Their ‘West Wing’ Fantasy
  • This is 100% the problem. Remember when Biden said that once Trump was out of office, the GOP would become more reasonable because, "the fever will break?" Remember when Nancy Pelosi said we need a, "a strong Republican Party?" They're saying that Trump is an existential threat to democracy, but they're not acting like they believe it.

    They don't offer any solutions other than, "vote harder." Can't reach the 60 vote threshold to get legislation through the senate? Well, eliminating the filibuster is too extreme, you'll just have to vote harder. The Supreme Court is remaking the country into a fascistic theocracy? Well, stacking the court would go against tradition, you'll just have to vote harder.

    Even now, after the Supreme Court has granted the President unprecedented powers, Biden is more concerned with preserving norms. As he said:

    I know I will respect the limits of the presidential power, as I have for three and a half years.  But any president, including Donald Trump, will now be free to ignore the law.

    So this is the message: "I have been granted insane amount of power, but I won't use it because that would be irresponsible. However, my opponent, a convicted felon who instigated an insurrection, will use that power to do awful things. Guess you'll have to vote harder!"

    Republicans aren't decent people with differing beliefs, our system of checks and balances is falling apart, and a rousing speech is not going to change anyone's mind. The Democrats need to do whatever it takes to win, even if it means dumping Biden, and wield what power they have now, before they lose it forever.

  • The beginning of the end
  • There is no way this is true. We know live shots were being fired, because other people near Trump were shot. We Know Trump was wounded because we saw pictures of the aftermath. We know that bullets were fired at him, because one of the photographs actually catches one (probably the one that grazed his ear) feet from his head.

    A false-flag might be somewhat plausible if there were just shots fired at the rally; it would certainly be possible to convince some mentally unstable MAGA chud to shoot wildly into the crowd, and then have Trump fake his injury. But the idea that he would allow bullets to be fired within feet of him is just insanely risky.

  • They're getting ready...
  • I wish, but the assassination attempt will keep quiet the calls for Biden to drop out for a few weeks, and by then it will be too late to get anyone else in before the convention. Biden will have successfully run out the clock on this. He'll have a few more senior moments that alarm people, probably get his ass handed to him again in the second debate, and that will he that. Trump voters will be energized by the assassination attempt, Democrats will be demotivated by an old, out of touch candidate, and American democracy will end.

    Sorry for the doomerism. You should still vote, and do everything you can to avert this, but I'm pretty sure this is how it's going to shake out.

  • Gunshots reportedly fired at Donald Trump rally - as former president rushed off stage
  • You ever feel like you live in some sort of Murphy's Law parallel universe, where the worst possible outcome of every major event happens?

  • Bernie Sanders urges Dems to 'stop the bickering' and back Biden
  • I would say the argument against Biden is that he will lose. If he came off the debate and turned in performance after performance like the State of the Union, this would have gone away. Instead, he did some teleprompter speeches, an interview, and a press conference that were passable at best. I think if we stick with him, he'll keep sounding borderline senile for the next two months, the questions will die down but not go away, and then he'll probably get curb-stomped again in the September debate.

  • Why Donald Trump’s proposal to stop taxing tips is a lame political stunt
  • Yeah, the prevalence of credit cards make hiding all your tips, or even most of your tips, basically impossible now. Even if you did only declare your credit card tips, it's super suspicious to average 20% on cards and 0% on cash. Since your employer has to track tips, they usually want you to report something that's at least plausible.

  • The New York Times Shows What Happens When Journalism Becomes Vendetta
  • No, it's really not whataboutism. I first heard about it from the QAA Podcast, which examines at right-wing extremism with a focus on QAnon, in about 2017 or 2018 (EDIT: actually, now that I think about it, it was probably closer to 2021/2022). They did an episode examining BlueAnon grifters and how they employ the same basic strategies as the the QAnon influencers that used to, "decode," Q posts. Since then, I've heard BlueAnon or Blue MAGA come in and out of fashion a few times.

    Disinformation will spread in any echo chamber, which is why it's always important to examine if what you believe is true, or just something you'd like to believe. For example, my post explaining Blue MAGA has been downvoted 19 times, but you are the only one who's attempted to refute what I've said, and your response has been to call Blue Anon a right-wing psy-op and imply I'm a Russian agent, without evidence for either claim. Does that seem like reality, or a narrative you've constructed to reject reality?

  • Why Donald Trump’s proposal to stop taxing tips is a lame political stunt
  • It depends on the establishment. Some places will ask you to report legitimately, while some will let you work off the books illegally and not even record you as an employee. My last boss wanted realistic numbers, so I put in about 80% of my tips.

  • I thought he sounded fine.
  • It's easier to tell them apart visually:

  • I thought he sounded fine.
  • I know it's not a fair comparison; Bruce actually stepped down and gave his title to someone younger.

  • I thought he sounded fine.

    Political Memes pjwestin

    I'm begging you to learn how to use this term.

    Tankie's original use was for British communists who supported Soviet military expansion. In the modern sense, it is used to describe communists who are authoritarian-apologists. For example, a communist who romanticizes the Soviet Union or makes excuses for the Uyghur genocide is a tankie. I've also seen it stretched to include militant anti-capitalists, or more commonly, "militant," anti-capitalists who call for violent resistance to capitalism from the safety of a keyboard.

    Democratic-Socialists are not tankies. Socialists are not tankies. I don't even think most communists qualify as tankies. Criticizing Democrats does not make you a tankie. Condemning Israel's human rights violations does not make you a tankie. Voting third party doesn't make you a tankie. I see this term used here every day, but never correctly.