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Nurses with an overbearing manager, how do you pass time at work without getting caught?
  • I don't work in medicine, but I've had plenty of demanding managers. My advice is to start advocationg for yourself and making sure you take your breaks, no excuses. And don't cut them short, put a timer or something. In some states, if your manager interrupts your break, the break restarts, check if that's an option for you and do just that. Same goes for your lunch. Know your worker rights and be ready to advocate for yourself as well as share that information with your coworkers. Finally, slow down your pace. Work is a marathon, there will always be more work for you. Rushing will only exhust you, and you will still have to do it again tomorow. Instead slow down so that you can do it again tomorrow.

  • Reusing old makeup flasks/palletes/lipstick tubes?
  • I like to use them for traveling or in my gym bag. Instead of taking my whole face wash or face lotion, I add a small portion into a small container. I've reused containers for things like toothpaste tablets, jewelry, earplugs, bobbypins, homemade lip balm or hand lotion, ibuprofen, vitamins, medicine, microfiber cloth for my glasses, when a reusable press-on nail falls off... sometimes I buy products just because I like the container.