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One of capitalisms biggest tragedies
  • It's ironic that capitalism is missing out on more efficient workers who could maximize production and profit because of this. Who knows where we would be if we actually helped people pursue their goals regardless of current income?

  • What stupid injury left a long lasting impact on you?
  • Skydiving, once, in my 20s. Not sure if the chute was on wrong, being slightly over the weight limit was a factor, or if it was just genetics, but when the chute opened, the jerk caused a loud enough pop that my instructor asked if I was okay.

    I lied of course, the adrenaline kept me from knowing the deal, anyway.

    The first time I threw my back out, after, it was from picking up a piece of paper. These days, when I have the least pain I can still tell my back muscles are as tight as a garage spring.

    I had never known a moment of back pain before that day, and I don't know what it's like to walk a mile without back pain now.

  • George Carlin Estate Files Lawsuit Against Group Behind AI-Generated Stand-Up Special: ‘A Casual Theft of a Great American Artist’s Work’
  • This is the sort of thing a person rattles off on gut alone. "Artistic freedom" is not legally defensible - if your work isn't entirely unique, you need to fit within Fair Use in the US.

    If you're in many places outside the US (like Japan) there is NO Fair Use carve-out to copyright (which is why Palworld may be more fucked than if they were a US company.)

  • New York man convicted of murdering woman in car that turned into his driveway
  • I can't believe in 2023 we are still in the position of having the only convenient capable way of incapacitating someone from a distance being to destroy their body.

    I'm not trying to sound super anti-gun, it just seems like it's not the right tool for the job most of the time, and it sucks that that is the choice we have to make.

  • What do you do when toddler denies simple facts?
  • Yes, what's important is modeling behavior, not an accurate world view at 3. It's frustrating internally, but I just made sure my child could see that I was unfazed. I also modeled answering questions without being an authority, when appropriate "I think this is how it is" "I'm not sure, let's find out together!"

    It's a long process, just keep your eye on emotional regulation and other bigger picture issues and don't let your child drag you into the weeds of who is right and who is wrong, IMO.

  • is there a limit to the point that i will find women attractive?
  • Being in my 40s, I am relieved to say that I keep finding women attractive that are my age, and I look at people in their 20s as, well, kids. Even in my porn, I keep looking for women more my age.

    That's true physically, but also emotionally. There is a humbling nearly all decent people seem to go through in their late 20s to 30s that at this point is a necessary point of bonding for me.

  • Father of boy killed by school shooter asks for harshest penalty | School shooter Ethan Crumbley to be sentenced for Oxford, Michigan
  • I think it's obvious that his parents were mentally damaged and traumatized the boy, nevermind the neglect and tacit encouragement at the end.

    Everyone is so hell bent on retribution, no matter the cost. What we want is someone who won't assault or murder others, owns their actions, and repays society to whatever degree possible - zero of those things are developed in prison.

  • Amazon's humanoid warehouse robots will eventually cost only $3 per hour to operate. That won't calm workers' fears of being replaced.
  • Considering how each generation of Boston Dynamics robots becomes more and more graceful, I don't see how the problems you suggested won't be non-issues incredibly fast.

    Also, unrelated to your comment, people are delusional if they don't think this is the ultimate goal, right? Amazon's reassurances are bunk - if they could eliminate people they would, they just can't do without them yet.

  • Getting hyped for 1.6
  • I've done SVE but nothing so comprehensive.

    I am cautious about some mods that significantly change the difficulty of the game downward, though, and a lot of otherwise great mechanics mods include features that are... too tempting for me.

    I love the kids that add in more diverse cave and caverns levels as well as new "large ores". That really makes those parts more fun!

  • Getting hyped for 1.6
  • It's wild. In the many hundreds of hours I've put into this game on multiple systems, only one save is longer than 3 years. I guess I'm mostly into the early-to-mid game.

    I am sure for 1.6 I will start over yet again!

  • Getting hyped for 1.6

    (image is relatively old but I don't see it in the community)