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2,400 may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis at Oregon hospitals
  • Not enough for a breach like that.

    From my point of view:

    • Reused needles/syringes to draw up medication and then applied it.
    • Used medication bottles (e.g. propofol) for multiple patients.(I still learned to do that,but in theory there is a risk. Looking back I can't fathom we once did that)
    • Used private laryngoscope for patients and did not clean it properly (my best guess atm)
    • Has HIV+Hep himself and used some unsafe techniques that may have led to skin penetration on his side.

    Or of course...well...a bad faith actor who intentionally infected people.

  • Nothing sells 100,000 CMF Phone 1 units in three hours
  • I'd love to buy a Fairphone. But sadly it is behind in so many features,that I simply can't.

    -no water proof (sadly a requirement in my profession)

    -no wireless charging (why? just why? There is no good reason for them to not include that, especially as it is finally adopted by a lot of spaces, e.g. in airline seats,etc.)

    • mediocre camera

    I counted the days towards Fairphone releasing the featureset of the Fairphone 5 and was so disappointed.

    I am up for other recommendations, though.The first person to name google will be downvoted,though. I literally wrote my lawyer yesterday as they are treating service cases in a illegal manner.

  • What's something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?
  • Todays results:

    • Diarrhea for a week. Didn't think he needs to see a GP but today he felt it does not get better and he needs to see someone now.

    • Diarrhea and didn't feel good. Yeah. That's it.

    • Had a fall three days ago. Now the elbow hurts. Does not want to go to the GP/ED,but now the daughter has arrived and basically forced the patient.

    • Fall. Zero injuries. But the nursing home wanted to get

    • Another fall yesterday. Zero pain when not moving, minimal pain in slight bruise.

    To be fair we had a massive multi vehicle (5 cars) accident as the last call (5min before the end of our shift) that required helicopter backup and everything (severe brain, spine, thorax and abdo trauma). But still...

  • Affinity’s Adobe-rivaling creative suite is now free for six months
  • Absolutely - me,too.

    But, to play the optimist for once - Canva could bring some good to Affinity/Serif. Canva is available as a native linux app and Serif in the past has stated multiple times it's mainly the lack of Linux resources and experience that stops them from providing Linux support. So maybe that could be a good influence.

    Canva also has a workflow that is based on a webapp that is more "beginner friendly" than Affinity and a good integration between these services could be a good thing as it may remove barriers.

    And Canva for a long time had a desire to provide a full production workflow, so maybe affinity gets the long missing library features.

    BUT: Now enough with that optimism, sadly I am rather sure enshitification is around the corner. Which will be a sad day for me.

  • Affinity’s Adobe-rivaling creative suite is now free for six months
  • Had a lengthy mail exchange on that topix with them - before them being bought, though.

    While they don't plan a native Linux version they absolutely were open to optimise towards better Wine usability - which I totally could live with for now.

    But I have no idea how the buying by Canva influenced things - Canva does have a linux app so maybe there are more resources and a different focus now.

  • Sony is killing off recordable Blu-ray, bidding farewell to disc burning | TechSpot
  • Blue-Ray Discs are basically the only viable WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) that is available to normal and small scale professional users. The cheapest alternative, Tandberg RDX is a few hundred bucks per TB. And these are far inferior in terms of protection against outside influences compared to BD media.

    And considering that a lot of professional data (e.g. tax reports) are legally required to be saved on WORM in a lot of countries it is indeed an issue, even more so in times of crypto/ransomviruses. None wants to loose their precious baby or wedding photos to a untimely virus. And no, normal Dropbox/OneDrive is no proper backup. And USB drives/external harddrives degrade over time, especially if not used.

  • Is Backblaze a reliable provider?
  • A few (German language)sources:

    Basically: The Swiss Intelligence Agency do monitor all traffic going in and out of Switzerland(including incountry routing that uses external routes)and have the right to safe as much traffic as they want for 18 months- and can force swiss companies to give them access to their infrastructure even when they do not provide a service for non-swiss customers. Coming from a Intelligence agency that had the highest amount of files of their citizens of all democratic nations once (see Fichenskandal) it is more than troublesome.

    Additionally swiss privacy law itself,while improved in 2023 after years of doing nothing, is still inferior to the GDPR. Unlike the GDPR it is not necessary for a person to explicitly consent to data collection unless the data is deemed especially sensitive. Unlike the GDPR there is no time-limit to notify authorities of data breaches and it is only mandatory for high risk breaches. And the right of data deletion is severely limited as the company can refuse to delete the data if it is still deemed "necessary" for the original purpose.

    For me this is also why I can't take Proton and Threema seriously. Whoever uses "swiss privacy law" as a marketing catchphrase without lobbying for improved laws (especially before 2023). And Proton openly lies on their "Why Switzerland" page.

  • HTTPS on homelab (just locally)
  • Yeah. Exactly how I do it. .casa domain to distinguish it from my other domains, DNS challenge and I am good.

    Proxmox and OPN Sense work with it themselves, for everything else I use NPM on Proxmox. Couldn't be more happy with that solution.

  • What's the best "fuck you world" song of all time?
  • If I may add a German one to the list:

    Ingloria Victoria by Danger Dan

    It's very clever written and targeted at a former highschool of the popular German rapper - which now boasts about him attending it for a few months but back then discriminated him from day one.

  • Ubiquiti U7 Pro Max WiFi 7 Access Point Teardown: To fan or not to fan
  • No. TP-Link Omada is usually better and cheaper these days and offers nearly identical features.

    And TP Link can be used standalone,the controller is just a gimmick.

    For pure networking (not WiFi) Mikrotik is also a reasonable alternative,but requires more knowledge.

  • Price of blood?
  • the problem is that blood can be check only so thoroughly - some illnesses only develop much later and can only be tested for then, especially on a large scale. That's why in most countries the first donation is not actually used for anything besides testing.

    Anyway, plasmapheresis/apheresis has the risk of a reaction to the sodium citrate that is used as a anticoagulant - there are systems that use no sodium citrate but they increase the risk for embolisms. Sodium citrate can cause hypocalcaemia, seizures,hypertention and a few more things,but generally it's safe in the donor setting.

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