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Post images always square and stretched
  • No, you were right from the start. I was talking about the thumbnails. Sorry for the confusion.

    It's just not a solution for me because, as you already mentioned, it takes up too much screen space in that mode. I'd rather keep the reverse list mode.

  • Post images always square and stretched

    As the title says, the post images are always square and because of that non-aspect-ratio-respecting scaling a lot of images are stretched.

    Is there any option to disable this non-sense?


    [Feature Request] Mark read posts

    For example grey out the post title to show that the post had been opened at some point already.


    [Feature Request] Mark updated post/comment

    It would be nice to see at a glance that a post was updated at some point. Maybe add an asterisk or a small symbol next to the timestamp.


    Image upload broken

    Since the last update I can't upload any images anymore. In the post creation screen it just doesn't do anything and in the comment screen it complains about incorrect format, pointing at "<html>"

    EDIT: See !


    Bookmarked Posts removes themselves

    Today I've experienced a really annoying bug: When opening a bookmarked post it gets automatically removed from the bookmarks. So to keep the booksmarked post you have to rebookmark it every time you open it.

    Is this an issue of liftoff or lemmy itself?


    Studio Flash Gels

    Hey, I have studio flashes and wanted to play around with colored lighting. The only option seems to be to use those barn-doors with gels in front. I wanted to use a softbox however. How would one go about that? Wrapping a gel around the glass bell is probably not a good idea due to the heat of the flash tube or is it?


    Bug: Crash when downloading an image

    Just now I experienced a crash after pressing the download button in the top right.

    I opened an image, pressed it and nothing seemed to happen. So I pressed it again and then the app just closed.

    App Version: 0.10.7


    Issues with post hiding

    When disabling the "show read posts" option it also hides the posts made by oneself in one own's profile. I think it would be better to keep own posts in your own profile always visible.


    Bug: Can't get back to feed from website with history rewrite

    Hey, tried this app and it works great so far! But I noticed that I can't get back to my feed after opening a link to a website which rewrites the browser history. (I hate websites that do this...) A bar on top with a back button would probably solve this issue.