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[Kronk voice] The Picard Maneuver, it's your cakeday?!
  • I was seeing memes about this Piccard manuver person before I realized how many of the other memes I was seeing are his(assuming gender from the father comment up above).

    Great work! Happy cake day! Thank you!

  • The Art of the Deal
  • 6 days with 1 john is probably a lot less work than 30 1 hour sessions with varying johns. Also getting a discount when buying in bulk is pretty common with most goods. Not sure if it's so with sex work in real life tho.

  • It's how you turn a goth gf into a goth wife
  • Really? I'd have to vote Guzmsn over Raul. Don't get me wrong I love Raul and he was my og Gomez. But Guzman just had a better craziness I feel. That being said I watched them years apart, and Guzman had a few wildly amazing roles that might be swaying me.

  • Am I old now?
  • Older millienal. I bought the phone case wallet. Opens like a book. I'll admit, when it arrived and I slapped my new phone in it, I realized I've only ever seen old man and women use this kind of case. Felt weird for all of ten seconds. I fucking love it.

    That being said, I am surprised how many people are asking where people keep their cards and cash. A lot of people literally just use pockets. Like, they raw dog cash, id, some credit or debit cards and got like 2 or 3 loose keys. Don't get me wrong, they are crazy people and I will literally laugh at them when they wonder aloud where their card is, they JUST had it. But it's a lot of em. (Worked in retail over a decade, still work in a field where I ask people for their stuff and payment).

  • [Meta] Did we drop the "what are you playing" monthly thread? Also, mods haven't been active for a while, should someone take over?
  • Like the old super nintendo rpg featuring Ness? Gosh why the rush? Seriously tho that's a neat one. I played not many years ago for the first time. It's wild seeing so much of what I love in games so old. Even if we owned a super Nintendo back when and I logged absurd hours....

    Super Mario RPG was major for me, I got it because it said Mario. Hated it for the first few nights, loved it for years. Equally realized rpg was a genre of games.

  • Elon Musk condemns the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) used in general elections in some countries.
  • My state is similar to yours, dmv hours are same state wide and location wise they are not totally out of the way.

    Same documents, birth cert, social card, 2 proofs of address.

    Those requirements, while easy enough and even doable for the homeless, are harder for some than others, specifically the poor.

    Those people who used shelter addresses didn't have to pay (thats national, first time and renewals are free to homeless.) Someone who is poor but not homeless has to pay. Also poor people often leave their parents home without their social and birth cert. Or have no where to safely store them and lose or have them stolen. Also, social security cards are not assigned to you at birth. If mom or dad never filed for one for you, congrats you get to do it as a adult. This can create a whole catch 22 style loop of them getting fucked.

    Anyways, I'm not explaining myself well, but yes requiring state ID (non drivers license) to vote is prohibitive to a lot of otherwise entitled voters.

  • das bagel
  • I don't know the person in the OP, but I am assuming she is not talking about a pack of bagels you buy from the grocer. I imagine she is talking about the grocer selling packaged bagels in the aisle and having a baked goods section with bagels from a bakery in the same city. And also have one or two bagel places local. And also cafes or similar establishments that rep their bagel game.

    I do not know Germany 's bagel game. Just saying being able to buy a thing at the grocer does not mean you have access to the jawn the way others do. For example I can buy sushi at the grocery store near my work.