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Backblaze B2 vs other storage providers to store legally ripped media
  • I use it as a last resort backup for things that are worth the recall price if I lose them

  • UK network operators ask govt to fend off attacks on fiber
  • Disk vs disc I believe is down to the type of medium, magnetic disk vs optical disc

  • What's the deal with Docker?
  • Docker still makes sense on your own hardware. Especially if you're the type of person to try out different programs often

  • Plastic tea bags
  • I tried this but I always end up with tea leaves floating around my cup

  • Is there any working app lock for Android 14 in 2024?
  • Pretty sure it's Samsung specific

  • Do you use Facebook or Instagram?
  • Yeah. To keep up with friends/family

  • Cloudflare Alternative
  • Zerotier, although it's similar to tailscale so you might have issues with it too

  • HA removed Astetisk. What now?
  • What other research can you do? You could go on the forum and ask who uses it but that's not going to be any more accurate

  • HA removed Astetisk. What now?
  • asterix_cdr has 0 active installations and asterisk_mbox only 25.

  • Is there a way on android to stop multiple notifications from the same person?
  • +1 for buzzkill in general though, it's a good app

  • I don't understand...
  • There's a lot of people in the world and a lot of different opinions. Most men aren't lonely, and most married men don't view their wife as an annoying burden. The joke isn't really that funny either to most people, it's a pretty stupid joke even if most people will get it.

  • Audiophiles of Fedi, how do you like to listen to your music?
  • Audiophiles don't listen to music, they listen to their headphones

  • What's your favorite community on Lemmy that has no equivalent elsewhere?
  • Some people have to jump through a lot of moral hoops to justify piracy instead of accepting there could be any possible bad points about it

  • K3s+Wireguard(?)
  • I've done it with docker swarm and it was awful, the connection latency would break the cluster constantly

  • Does this plan make sense? v2
  • Why not just add 1. Everyone gets free money and is happy all the time

  • Police officer drags homeless man along ground - BBC News
  • This is one of the weirdest interactions I've ever seen online

  • [Discussion] EmuDeck - Yuzu Citra. So what now?
  • I'm probably just not going to update emudeck. All the games I want to play already work fine so I don't see why I should

  • Died from reading this
  • I hate backronyms

  • Why Are You Still Rooting Your Android Phone?
  • Possibly, the last time I flashed an OS was 2019 and I lost a lot of features that i had on the stock rom and had a lot of battery life and lag issues.

  • Lemmy Support Big P

    How do I stop this?

    It's getting really frustrating, almost every post has missing comments. What causes this?

    EDIT: I needed to select both "English" and "Undetermined" in my language settings

    Lemmy Support Big P

    Comments displaying as invisible/"View parent"

    I've noticed this happening a lot and even with replies to comments that I've sent which makes it very frustrating to use. In Sync they show as "view parent" but in others they are just invisible. Clicking View parent gives no new content. Anyone know why these exist?

    Lemmy Support Big P

    Lemmy android client with keyword filtering?

    Has anyone found a lemmy app that lets you filter posts containing keywords yet? I have tried jabroa and liftoff and neither have it. I don't wanna have to make one myself

    2 Ed Gamble pilots culinary Taskmaster spin-off Foodmaster - British Comedy Guide

    Ed Gamble is piloting Foodmaster, a food-related Taskmaster spin-off for Channel 4 in which five celebrity contestants attempt to answer the question: "Food is great, but how can it be improved?"

    Ed Gamble pilots culinary Taskmaster spin-off Foodmaster - British Comedy Guide
    Lemmy Support Big P

    Why do I see posts from 1 or 2 years ago in Hot and Active?

    Have they had recent upvotes/comments or something? It's very confusing


    Has anyone ever had a good experience with a Solcitior?

    Currently trying to buy a house and it's a nightmare, solicitors putting in minimal effort and getting things wrong, then taking forever to fix things. Any time I mention this to someone it seems they have a similar story.


    What's the quickest way you could get fired from your job?

    Lemmy Support Big P

    Why do my comments sometimes get stuck posting?

    I've tried to comment on a few posts, some I can comment successfully right away and others stick with a loading icon forever. What gives?


    What happened when you were at school that wouldn’t be allowed nowadays?